Perpetua Starter Pack

Everything you need to know to get started on Perpetua, including the account connection process

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How To Use Perpetua's Features

Tutorials and step-by-step instructions on how to use Perpetua's features

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Essential Perpetua Amazon Concepts

Advice from Perpetua's experts on Perpetua's algorithm theories

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Account Settings, Billing and User Permissions

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General Amazon Information

How Perpetua operates with Amazon Advertising, and FAQs specifically related to Amazon

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Amazon Sponsored Ads and DSP

Working with SP, SB, and SD goals in Perpetua as well as using our DSP service

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Perpetua's Benchmarker

The Perpetua Benchmarker will use your data to analyze your account and to calculate your growth potential. Learn everything you need to know!

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Everything you need to know about Prism — the market awareness and competitive intelligence tool

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Perpetua Partner Networks

Access a network partners directly from the Perpetua app to advertise your products through Amazon Editorials, Social Media, and off-Amazon product review articles.

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Walmart Advertising

Everything you need to know about Walmart Advertising with Perpetua

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Instacart Advertising

All about Instacart Advertising and how to manage your Instacart goals with Perpetua

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Target Advertising

Everything you need to know about Target Advertising with Perpetua

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Perpetua Product Webinars

An archive of Perpetua's Product Webinars featuring tips/tricks and demos

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Commerce Compass: Amazon PPC Strategies

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Amazon Advertising for Beginners 101

Essential Insights to navigate you through Amazon Advertising with Perpetua.

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