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I Noticed Some Campaigns Within a Goal are not Efficient, and How Do I Shift My Ad Spend Away From These Inefficient Campaigns?
I Noticed Some Campaigns Within a Goal are not Efficient, and How Do I Shift My Ad Spend Away From These Inefficient Campaigns?
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Method 1️⃣ - Limit Budget Allocation

Use the Limit Budget Allocation feature to control the maximum percentage of your Segment budget going towards specific campaigns within that segment.

Review the current allocation between the campaigns. Ensure you’re reviewing each campaign and associated metrics for different periods (7 days, 30 days and 12 weeks). If you notice that the campaign has consistently had high ACoS or high spend and little return, cap the budget to 10-20% of the entire goal budget to start with.

Method 2️⃣ - Pause or Negative Matching

As our engine gradually decreases bids for less effective targets, you may want the option to proactively pause a keyword or ASIN target to prevent wasted ad spend quickly. Introducing negative matches to a campaign helps fine-tune the searches where your ads appear, effectively decreasing any undesired impressions or clicks.

Method 3️⃣ - Custom Goals

Under the previous Multi-Campaign Goal (formerly known as Classic Goals), managing the budget and target ACOS separately wasn't possible. But with the introduction of Custom Goals, you now have the flexibility to separate these campaigns. By launching three distinct campaigns or adapting a structure that suits your needs, Custom Goals enable you to precisely control the budget and target ACOS separately.

This approach allows you to achieve campaign-level target ACOS and budget controls, allowing for more nuanced management of harvesting logic per-campaign, rather than per-goal. These more detailed controls can effectively eliminate inefficiencies, providing a more tailored and optimized approach to your advertising strategy.

Method 4️⃣ - Stream Reporting and Optimization

Stream hourly bid optimization can be used to reduce bids at inefficient hours. Use the hourly reporting to identify hours where CPC and ACOS are higher than average, or where conversion rates are much lower. Reducing ad spend during these inefficient hours will help improve the efficiency of your campaigns.

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