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Schedule changes to bids by using Perpetua's Stream Optimization feature to decrease or increase bids during certain times of the day

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🚨Note: This feature is available to Amazon accounts across all regions and for Perpetua users on Pro or Enterprise plans only. 🚨

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Traffic volume on Amazon tends to change throughout the day and advertisers may want to increase or decrease bids at a certain time to align with patterns in shopping behaviours.

Let's consider a few scenarios. Advertisers may decide to bid higher when:

  • CPCs (Cost-per-clicks) are lower

  • ACOS is lower

  • SOV (Share of Voice) dips during the day

    • 💡PRO TIP: use our Search Insights feature to see how you can leverage SOV data!

  • Sales volume is higher

Changing bids manually for each campaign can be a very tedious process. By creating a bid multiplier schedule through our Stream feature, Pro and Enterprise users can have our ad engine apply changes to bids automatically for Amazon Sponsored Products goals (includes keyword boost campaigns, but not auto campaigns). For more information on our pricing plans, please click here.

How to Create a Bid Multiplier Schedule

🚨Note: Stream bid multipliers may take up to 15 minutes to apply at the specified hour. This may result in some spend occurring in the first hour that a goal or segment is paused. 🚨

1. Click the Stream tab in your left sidebar and the Bid Multiplier Schedules section within.

2. Click New Schedule to begin the creation process.

3. Name your schedule.

4. Hover over a specific day and time slot to expose the pencil icon. Click that icon to edit the bid multiplier percentage for that slot.

5. Enter the bid multiplier percentage you want to apply. For example, if I want my bid to increase by 1.1x, I will input 110. ⚠️ Inputting 0% will pause the campaign.

6. Click confirm. You'll see your changes appear in red.

7. Repeat steps 4-6 for each scheduled bid change.

8. Click Save Changes once all edits have been made.

9. Click on the schedule in the left menu.

10. Click Apply to Goals.

11. In the pop-up that appears, select the goal(s) you want this schedule applied to by pressing select next to each goal. You can filter by Ad type to find Sponsored Product or Sponsored Brand goals.

12. All selected goals will appear on the right. If there are any segments you want to exclude from your goal selections, click the dropdown arrow beside them and uncheck any segments to deselect them.

13. Beside the segments and in the bottom left corner of the pop-up, you'll see an additional toggle. If toggled on, it will apply the schedule on top of any manual fixed bid adjustments that the targets within that goal currently have.

  • For example, if my target's base bid was $1.00, I manually increased it to $2.00, and then applied a 200% bid multiplier schedule to it, the new bid would be $4.00.

If you don't want this applied, leave it toggled off like it is by default, press Apply To Schedule and you're done!

Managing Existing Schedules

In your schedule list, you can now see a flag that shows you the number of goals and bid multipliers applied to each schedule.

🚨 Note: The same segment cannot have two schedules applied simultaneously. If you apply a new schedule to a segment that already has an existing schedule applied, that new schedule will override the previous one. For example, if I edit the Dayparting Schedule Test schedule to include a segment that is in Alice's Goal Schedule, the bid multipliers from the Dayparting Schedule Test will take effect. 🚨

You can also tell whether a goal has a bid multiplier schedule applied by viewing it from Sponsored Products on the menu. If a segment is included in a schedule, then the name of the schedule will appear on the configuration panel to the right. From here, you can click the icon to view the schedule in a new tab.

Editing the Goals a Schedule is Applied To

To see the goals that a schedule is applied to, click into the schedule and then click the Applied to Goals button. The same pop-up from before will appear where you can view and edit all the goals this schedule is applied to.

Changing Bid Multiplier Values

To change the bid multiplier values for any slot in an existing schedule, follow the same steps 4-6 in the original schedule creation flow.

Updating a Schedule Name

After clicking on and entering your schedule view, press the pencil icon next to the schedule name, enter your desired new one, and click Save Changes.

Article last updated January 2024. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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