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How can I control how much budget goes to specific campaigns within a segment?

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What Is It And How To Apply It

Using the Limit Budget Allocation feature, you have the ability to control the maximum percentage of your segment budget going towards specific campaigns within it.

In order to do this, first select the goal that you want to modify and go to the Campaigns tab. From here, select the 3 dots to the right of the campaign you want to limit the budget on and select Limit Budget Allocation. You then have the option to limit the budget of this campaign from 1-100% of the total segment budget.

🚨Note: This is a limit on budget allocation, meaning that if you set 50%, that campaign can use up to 50% of the total segment budget, but may use less than this. 🚨

Remove Budget Allocation

There are 2 ways you can remove the function of limiting Budget Allocation:

  1. Pause and unpause the campaign OR

  2. Set the limit of this budget to 100% (We would still automate the transfer of budget between campaigns.)

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