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Sponsored Brands - Launching a Video Goal

A step-by-step guide to walk you through how to launch a sponsored brand video campaign on Perpetua.

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Sponsored Brand ads are prominently featured within Amazon search results, serving as a powerful tool for brands to amplify their presence, showcase multiple products, and convey brand messaging. These ads typically incorporate essential elements such as a brand logo, custom image, headline, and curated product selection.

Sponsored Brands Video Ads (SB Video) are a type of advertising format on Amazon that enables brands to showcase their products through engaging video content. These ads appear on the search results page, allowing brands to visually demonstrate their product features, benefits, and usage. Once clicked, shoppers will be directed to the Product Detail Page (PDP) of the advertised product in the video.

SB Video Ads offer a dynamic and impactful way for brands to promote their products, tell compelling stories, and increase visibility on Amazon's platform.

Amazon Advertising | The Ultimate Seller's Guide


  • Utilizing Engaging Content:
    Video serves as a highly captivating medium that grabs the attention of potential customers, allowing you to demonstrate your products in action and highlight their features and benefits more effectively compared to static images or text.

  • Enhanced Visibility:
    Video Ads hold a prominent position in Amazon search results, offering heightened visibility and exposure to a broader audience. With its expansive display, it occupies more space than Sponsored Products, enabling you to leverage its bold placement.

  • Product Narration:
    Videos provide a platform for crafting compelling narratives about your products, which can be particularly impactful in conveying brand messaging and showcasing various product use cases.

  • Competitive Edge:
    Embracing video ads can provide your brand with a competitive advantage by securing premium advertising space on Amazon and distinguishing itself from competitors who rely solely on traditional ad formats.

Supported vs. Not Supported

📗 Supported

  • Select the match type of manually added keywords.

  • Take control of Keyword Harvesting (learn more here).

📕 Not Supported

  • PAT Targets will not be automated by the Perpetua engine.

  • Brand Video or Store Spotlight.

  • Theme Targeting (learn more here).

  • Edit the creatives of an existing ad (this can be done from the Amazon Ad console).

Editing your Goal on Amazon

It's best to manage any necessary modifications or adjustments to Perpetua campaigns directly through the Perpetua dashboard to void our engine overriding the edits you made. Please review the full list here.

However, for SBV4 goals Perpetua will respect the following edits:

  • Editing Campaigns.

  • Editing Ad groups.

  • Editing Ads.

  • Editing Keywords.

The only exception is the goal name: if you change the campaign name from Amazon, the goal name on Perpetua will remain the same.

🚨 Note 🚨
We advise against directly making changes on the Amazon ad console because Perpetua may take up to 24 hours to synchronize with any modifications made there. However, adjustments made within Perpetua should be reflected immediately or within a few minutes. Thus, making changes on the ad console alongside using Perpetua could potentially lead to confusion.

Step-by-Step Guide

🚨 Note 🚨
To activate Sponsored Brands in your Perpetua account, it's essential to have a brand registry and fulfil all the eligibility requirements associated with it.

For further details on Amazon Brand Registry, we suggest visiting their official website for comprehensive information.

1️⃣ Access the "Sponsored Brands" tab from the left side panel of your Perpetua account and click on the "New Goal" purple button.

2️⃣ A pre-filled goal's name will be generated. Edit it according to your needs.

3️⃣ Enter Target ACOS, Daily Budget and Brand in the "Goal Optimization" section. Click on the "Create Campaign" purple button next.

🚨 Note 🚨
Please note that once campaign setup details are submitted to Amazon, your brand selection cannot be modified.

4️⃣ Select the "Video" ad format from the goal launch workflow.

🚨 Note🚨
If you decide to switch the ad format of your SB Product Collection after entering the details, please note that all entered details will be cancelled.

5️⃣ Specify your Ad creatives and other settings in the following steps.

  • Ad Name:
    Enter the title of your ad by referring to Amazon Guidelines here.

  • Ad Destination:

    Shoppers will be directed to the PDP of the advertised products you will select.

  • Video File & Requirements:
    Upload your video by reviewing the requirements first.

Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080px - 3840 x 2160px
File Format: MP4 or MOV
File Size: max 500mB

View all requirements here.

  • Advertised Products:
    Select the product you wish to include in your video.

6️⃣ Select the Match Types and enter at least 1 Keyword you wish to start bidding on at the time of launching your goal. Click "Add Targets" to confirm.

🚨 Note 🚨
Keyword Harvesting and Negative Match are not required to be enabled or entered at the time of launching a new Goal.

  • To learn more about "Keyword Harvesting for SBV4 goals", please refer to this article here.

  • For "Negative Match", review this other article here.

7️⃣ To launch your Sponsored Brands Video Goal, return to the title section at the top and click the purple "Launch Goal" button. Once launched, you can find your newly launched goal in the "Goals" tab within the Sponsored Brands dashboard. 🎉

Article last updated June 2024. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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