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Keyword Harvesting for Sponsored Brands V4 Goals
Keyword Harvesting for Sponsored Brands V4 Goals

A guide to understand more on SBV4 campaigns and harvesting behaviour in Perpetua

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What is SBv4

SBv4 campaigns are Multi-Ad-Group Sponsored Brand campaigns introduced by Amazon on October 18th, 2022. SBv4 enables advertisers to launch Sponsored Brands campaigns with multiple ad groups, each varying by brand, ad format, landing page, keywords, product category, and more. This enhances the efficiency of optimizing bidding strategies, targeting, and budgets, simplifying campaign management by providing a straightforward method to organize and oversee advertisers' marketing strategies within a unified campaign.

Introduction to SBv4 Harvesting

Using Perpetua comes with the advantage of eliminating the need for constant search term research, sparing you countless hours of staring at spreadsheets. Perpetua's ad engine takes care of this heavy lifting by automatically adding potential targets, a process known as Harvesting, to drive sales.

By default, Automated Harvesting is disabled for all users for SB goals (It applies to both created on Perpetua goals and takeover campaigns from Amazon).
However, if you prefer Perpetua to automatically add keywords to your Amazon goals based on performance data, you have the option to activate this feature entirely through the Goal Edit screen.

Additionally, if you wish for Perpetua to add only targets that have met a certain number of conversions, you can set a custom threshold.

🚨 Note🚨
Please note that Automated Harvesting can only be disabled or customized at the goal level, not at the account level.

Supported vs. Not Supported Actions

When it comes to managing the harvesting setup for your Sponsored Brands Goals using Perpetua, there are a few important considerations to bear in mind. This list will be regularly updated to incorporate the latest releases.

📗 Supported

  • Specify harvesting phrases for SBv4 goals, per ad group. If specific phrases are not entered, the engine will harvest any keywords based on performance/conversions.

  • Set harvesting match types (Broad/Phrase/Exact).

  • Add an optional conversion threshold.

  • Broad Match Modifiers (Learn more here).

📕Not supported

  • Segment Phrases control.

  • PAT Targets are not included.

  • Theme Targeting Keywords (Learn more here).

Where Are Keywords Harvested From?

Perpetua harvests the top-performing keywords from the Sponsored Products (SP) goal, targeting the same ASIN, and from search term reports (broad/phrase match types from Sponsored Products).

Please note that not all keywords from SP are harvested.

For existing campaigns launched through Amazon and now managed by Perpetua, harvesting is set OFF by default. Enable harvesting by following the instructions here.

Additionally, we always conduct automatic keyword harvesting for each Sponsored Brands (SB) campaign, even if there is keyword overlap between different campaigns

How to Turn On Keyword Harvesting for SB

  • Through the SB Goal Edit or Creation Flow, go to the "Keyword Harvesting" section.
    By default, the"Keyword Harvesting" is turned OFF:

  • Turn the toggle ON

🚨 Note 🚨
When harvesting is turned ON, a conversion threshold of 2 sets by default.

How To Set a Custom Threshold for SB

  • Navigate to the "Keyword Harvesting Criteria" and review the "Conversions Threshold". As mentioned in the earlier section, a threshold of 2 conversions gets set by default by turning the Keyword Harvesting on. Edit it according to your strategy:

Harvesting Preferences for SB

Besides being able to turn ON/OFF keyword harvesting and editing the conversion threshold, within the "Preferences" tab in the Keyword Harvesting section, you can determine "Approval Preferences" and "Match Types".

1️⃣ Approval Preferences

  • Automatically Add Targets to Goal
    Targets will automatically be included in the goal once they reach a specified threshold of 2 conversions (or any other threshold you set), following the "Conversion Threshold" parameter.

  • Manually Approve Targets
    Instead of being automatically harvested, targets meeting the "Conversion Threshold" will be presented to you for consideration as "Suggested Targets". You'll need to review the list of suggested targets and manually approve them for the engine to include them.

2️⃣ Match Types

  • Define the match type by ticking off the box related to the match type you wish to harvest.

  • Add Modifiers: If selected, all harvested Broad Match Keywords will have a '+' in front of each word within the term. Find out more about this feature here.

Article last updated April 2024. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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