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Find out more information about the new SB targeting type keywords introduced by Amazon

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Amazon recently introduced two “auto” targets to SB campaigns:



These targets automatically bid on sets of keywords that Amazon determines would fall into one of those two groups. Keywords related to a brand would likely be branded keywords, and keywords related to landing pages may be more category or product-related keywords.

A bid is set at the theme-target level, so we cannot specify bids on individual keywords within these targets. Based on recent observations, it looks like Amazon is now adding these theme targets by default to all new SBv4 campaigns.

How Does This Impact My Campaigns?

  • Perpetua does not yet support these keywords. To manage them, you will need to do so in the ad console.

  • Because our ad engine doesn’t yet control bids for theme targeting, these keywords may bid more aggressively than desired according to your target ACoS. If this happens and you notice your campaign ACoS is poor, we recommend pausing the "Theme Targeting" keywords.

  • Our aggregated performance for SB includes these keywords, but our keyword-level performance does not include them. This means that until we get these keywords to show up in the app, the performance shown in the keywords list of a goal deep-dive will be less than what you see at an aggregated campaign or ad unit level.

Will Perpetua Support these Keywords?

We're currently in the process of developing a strategy and timeline to support these keywords.

Article last updated April 2024. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact hello@perpetua.io.

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