For the majority of changes you make on your Perpetua-optimized campaigns directly in Seller Central or AMS, Perpetua's ad engine will automatically override these changes to the inputs on Perpetua. That's why it is always recommended to make any necessary adjustments or changes to Perpetua campaigns through the Perpetua dashboard directly.

Here is a list of changes that Perpetua's ad engine automatically overrides on all ad units (SP, SB, and SD) if you make the adjustment in the Amazon Ad Console:

  • Pausing/unpausing campaigns

  • Pausing/unpausing targets (keyword and product)

  • Changing bids on targets (keyword and product)

  • Archiving targets (keyword and product) - Perpetua will re-harvest these keywords

  • Changing campaign daily budgets

  • Changing placement multipliers to adjust bids by each placement type (TOS, ROS and Product Pages)

  • Adding negative matches in your campaigns

  • Adding negative matches in Ad groups (for SP and SD)

Here is a list of changes that our ad engine won't override and will be changed successfully if you make the adjustment in the Amazon Ad Console:

  • Pausing advertised ASINs (not ASIN targets) within Sponsored Product campaigns (Note: we do not encourage this and recommend deleting the ASIN from the goal in the app to achieve the same effect)

  • Adding targets into your campaigns (keyword and product)

  • Changing ad creatives for Sponsored Brands campaigns (headline, ASINs and/or logo)

  • Changing campaign names (Note: changing the campaign name will not change the goal name but it will change the campaign names within the campaigns tab in the goal)

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