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How to Launch a Walmart Sponsored Products Goal

Step-by-step guideline on how to create and launch a new Sponsored Products goal for Walmart in Perpetua.

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Navigate to the Walmart Marketplace

At Perpetua, all of your marketplaces are found in one easy-to-use platform. Simply log in to your account and navigate to the Walmart marketplace which is marked by the Walmart logo on the left-hand side of your dashboard.

Next, click on the Sponsored Products tab found on your sidebar. To begin launching a goal click on the purple "new goal" on your sponsored products homepage.

Adding Products

Once you have clicked "new goal", you must now select the products that you would like to be included into your goal. This can be done, by clicking on the blank box beside the products you would like to add.

If you do not see the product you would like to advertise, click on "Bulk ASIN Add" and input your 9-digit Walmart item ID.

  • If you don't know your item ID, this can be easily found either on your Walmart Seller Central account or by searching for your product on and using the last 9 digits found in the product's URL.

  • To learn more about variant items, please refer to this article.

To learn more about "How to Add Missing Products to your Goal" please refer to this article.

Select a Targeting Type

Next, select your goal Targeting Type. You will have a choice between Universal Targeting or Brand-based Targeting. Learn more about targeting types for Walmart here.

To learn more about "Perpetua's Targeting Types" please refer to this article.

Add a Goal Name, Enter Target ROAS / Daily Budgets

Enter a Target ROAS and Daily Budget. If have chosen a brand-based goal, you must enter a separate daily budget and ROAS, which will usually be set lower than your branded segment, unless you have an opposing strategy.

ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) = attributed sales/ad spend. This is the inverse of ACoS (1/ACOS).

Minimum Budgets

Walmart requires that each campaign launched must have $50 minimum daily budget for 1P Suppliers, therefore for Perpetua Goals;

  • Universal Goal: $100 minimum budget (manual keyword + auto campaign

  • Brand Based Goal: $150 minimum budget (unbranded manual keyword + branded manual keyword+ auto campaign)

3P Sellers can launch with a $10 minimum campaign budget, therefore a $20 daily budget for a Universal goal.

Add Relevant Branded / Competitor Phrases

If you choose a Brand-based Targeting type, make sure to add in all relevant Branded phrases. This includes your brand name and any misspellings. Note, because we do not offer advanced targeting, all of your competitor-branded terms can be targeted in your unbranded manual campaign.

🚨Note: provide Perpetua with a "map" to identify which keywords are branded, or unbranded. All keywords containing the full phrase entered plus any terms that appear before and after that phrase will be automatically pulled into the applicable segment. 🚨

Add Keywords

The next step is to add keywords to your goal. These are the keywords that you will be targeting in your manual campaign. If you chose a brand-based campaign, avoid adding any branded terms, only unbranded keywords should be added here.

🚨 Note: There is a maximum limit of 10 words per keyword and 80 characters (space Included). 🚨

Add each keyword into each match type, setting either an individual bid for each keyword or running a bid override that will set a designated bid across all keywords in that match type.

🚨Note: If you do not set a bid or bid override, the engine will automatically set the default bid to Exact Match = $1.00, Phrase Match = $0.75, Broad Match = $0.45. 🚨

Click "Add To Goal" once you are satisfied with the keywords and bids you have set.

To learn more about "Managing Keywords" please refer to this article.

Advanced Settings

As a last step, click into your advanced settings. This is where you can set a bid for your auto campaign - only do this if you have a specific strategy and would like to override the bid being set by our ad engine. You are also able to toggle on or off any campaigns that you would not like to be included in your goal.

If you do choose to set an auto bid override, we recommend setting this auto bid similar to your 30-day historic bid.

Once you are satisfied with all the settings for your goal, you are ready to click "Launch Goal".🎉.

Post Goal Launch

1️⃣ Turn off Pre-Perpetua Campaigns

Unlike our Amazon product, Perpetua does not currently support auto-pausing any existing campaigns running through Walmart's ad console.

  • Ensure that all existing campaigns that correspond with goals launched in Perpetua are paused via the Walmart Advertising console. Please note that you must pause both the auto and manual campaigns for each product.

If you do not pause these campaigns as soon as possible, you will have two identical campaigns running against each other. This will result in both wasted spend and poor performance.

2️⃣ Data Delay

There is a 48-hour delay for data pulled into Perpetua so you won't see any activity in your goals right away. If you still aren't seeing any spend after the 48-hour window, try decreasing Target ROAS to increase bids or reach out to for support.

Article last updated March 2024. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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