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If notice you are missing a product that you would like to add to a goal, here is a simple guide on how to add products to Perpetua's console!

Finding Products on Perpetua's UI

When you click "New Goal", all your Walmart products should appear on this module

You must now select the products that you would like to be included into your goal. This can be done, by clicking on the blank circle beside the products you would like to add. If you have many items, utilize the search bar to find the products you would to add to your goal.

Add a Missing Product

If you do not see the product you would like to advertise, click on "Bulk Add Item Ids" and input your 9 digit Walmart item ID.

Please note, Walmart only allows advertising for base products, any variant product item IDs that you upload will recalibrate to the base product item ID.

  • If you don't know your item ID, this can be easily found either on your Walmart Seller Central account or by searching for your product on and using the last 9 digits found in the product's URL

Once you have uploaded your missing item ID, your product should now be available in your products list and you are ready to add them to your goal 😁

Article last updated September 22, 2021. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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