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How do I use the Recommendations tab in Perpetua? What are Strategies?

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Perpetua's Recommendations provide suggestions to improve performance based on your specific strategies and the performance of your goals. In order to see and apply Perpetua's Recommendations, you will first need to create a strategy.

How Do I Create a Strategy?

To create a strategy, navigate to the Recommendations tab, and then select Strategies.

From here, you will see all of the available strategies that you can activate in Perpetua with a description of each strategy. Choose the strategy that you want to receive Recommendations for and select "Get Started" or "Add."

Current available strategies are:

From here, depending on the Strategy you have created, you will see different required inputs.

Strategy Name

You can call your strategy anything that you want, and you can change this at any time. We recommend a name that indicates to you what you are trying to achieve with the strategy or what goals will be in it.


Some Strategy types will require many inputs, while some may not have any. If you have any questions about what you should be adding in these fields, please reach out to your Data Strategist or to

You can also change these Strategy inputs at any time, at which point your current recommendations based on the old inputs will be removed, and you will have new recommendations within 6 hours.


You will need to select which goals you want the strategy to apply to (this can be changed in the future), there are a few different ways to do this.

A) You can click the specific goals you want added to that strategy and press "Set Selected".

B) You can click on the Select All option (as seen in the screenshot below) and all current + future goals will be added to this Strategy.

IMPORTANT: Some Strategy Types cannot have the same goal in more than one strategy. An example of this, is the Strategy Type: Always-On Budget Optimization.

In this case, when you want to remove a goal from a strategy that has all current + future goals in it, select it from the list and it will be removed from the previous strategy. The previous strategy will now have "All Other Goals" in it instead of "All Goals".

What Happens When I Turn on a Strategy?

Once you have turned on a strategy, Perpetua's ad engine will start to generate recommendations for you. It can take up to 6 hours for your first recommendations to show up.

Turning on a strategy will NOT automatically make any changes to any of your goals. This means that there is no risk in turning on a strategy to see what recommendations it provides. If you don't agree with the recommendations that you are being shown, you can choose to reject them, take certain goals out of the strategy, or turn off the strategy altogether.

How do I use Recommendations?

Recommendations Tab

Whenever you have recommendations that should be acted upon, you will see a badge beside "Recommendations" on the left navigation bar. Click on this tab.

You will see a list of all of your active strategies on the left side of the screen and the related automatically generated recommendation(s) will appear once you click on the strategy.

Recommendations will vary based on the strategy selected for your goals, see below for articles on all the available strategies.

You will have the option to Accept, Decline or Edit & Accept each recommendation.

If you choose to accept, or edit and accept, this change will be automatically made to your goal. If you decline, you will not see a new recommendation for this goal based on that specific strategy for 7 days.

Note: If you don't want to see recommendations for a specific goal anymore, the best thing to do would be to remove this goal from the strategy.

In the Sponsored Products tab you will see a notification for any goal that has an active recommendation.

Select the three dots, hover over Recommendations and you will be able to see + take action on all the recommendations given for that goal.

Inside Sponsored Product Goals

When you are looking at a specific Sponsored Product goal, you will see the current recommendations on the right side of your screen:

Here, you will be able to see + take action on all the recommendations given for that goal.

How Do I Modify or Delete a Strategy?

You can edit any of your active strategies at any point in time. Keep in mind that any change to a strategy (aside from the strategy name) will cause all current recommendations on that strategy to be removed, and it may take up to 6 hours to generate new recommendations.

To modify a strategy, navigate to the Strategy section on the recommendations page. If you select the 3 dots on the right side of a strategy, you will have the option to delete the strategy or edit it.

Note: We cannot restore deleted strategies, but you can create a new strategy with the same goals and inputs.

What if I Have a Specific Strategy I Want to Implement?

If there’s a strategy you’d like to see in Perpetua that we don’t currently offer, we’d love to hear from you! To submit your idea, please reach out to our Support team through live chat and they can file a feature request on your behalf.

What Happens to Recommendations When I Make Changes to a Goal?

If you make changes to segments within your goals (budget or target ACoS), the active recommendations for that segment will be removed as they may no longer be applicable. It will then take 5-7 days for new recommendations to populate based on the changes you have made.

Why Doesn't Perpetua's Ad Engine Automatically Make These Changes?

Perpetua's AI-powered ad engine works to optimize your campaigns based on the ACoS target that you have set. Recommendations will help you to implement more advanced strategies where you need to have a human in the loop to make specific decisions. This includes increasing budgets and changing the strategy on specific products or keywords to help execute on a larger objective for your business.

Article last updated November 2023. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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