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Automate changes to Target ACoS and Budget by setting up a Strategy with our Recommendations feature on Perpetua

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Manually adjusting target ACoS and daily budgets for your campaigns in preparation for big shopping events can be very time-consuming. If you are an OG Perpetua user, you may be familiar with our Prime Day and BFCM Strategies features which allow users to configure automated changes prior to the big day.

With our Scheduled Budget & ACoS Changes Strategy, users are now able to capture traffic during peak hours beyond the holiday season. You can now have Perpetua adjust your target ACoS and budget following a customized schedule for any day of the year. This will be a permanent feature and scheduled changes will be applied across selected Sponsored Product goals.

How to Set Up a Scheduled Budget & ACoS Changes Strategy

  1. Click the Recommendations tab in the left menu. Then, select Strategies on the top. (To access the page directly, click here).

  2. Under Scheduled Budget & ACoS Changes, click Add Strategy.

  3. Enter your Strategy Name and inputs. Then, click Select Goals to pick your goals. Here is a breakdown of the inputs:

    1. Date of Change: Date when the change to target ACoS and budget will be made.

    2. Reverse change date: Date when the target ACoS and budget will be reversed to original values. Leave this blank if you want to keep the changes.

    3. % Daily Budget Adjustment: The percentage you want to increase the budget by. If your budget is $10, and you input 110%, then the budget will increase to become $11. Set this to 100% if you do not want the budget to change.

    4. % Target ACoS Adjustment: The percentage you want to increase the target ACoS by. If your target ACoS is 10%, and you input 110%, then the target ACoS will increase to become $11. Set this to 100% if you do not want the target ACoS to change.

  4. Click View Changes when you are done.

  5. Repeat Steps 2-4 if you want to create more Strategies.

  6. You are done! 🎉

🚨 Important notes:

  • Scheduled changes must be done 1 day before Date of Change at the latest

  • If you notice that you are running out of budget today, you can change the budget on the goal as you would normally

  • If you want to increase/decrease the budget for tomorrow, cancel tomorrow’s scheduled change and make new scheduled changes

How to Delete a Strategy

To delete a Strategy, click the 3 dots to reveal the drop-down menu, then click Delete.

Article last updated November 2022. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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