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User Permissions in Manager Accounts
User Permissions in Manager Accounts

What are the different user permissions in Perpetua and how can I manage them?

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What are User Permissions in Perpetua?

User permissions within manager accounts allow Perpetua users to create a logical hierarchy of user functionalities within a group of accounts. For example, agencies or customers have the capability to grant desired users with “superpower” permissions within a manager account and limit the capabilities of other users.

The user permissions are as follows:

1️⃣ Administrator User

  • In order to create a manager account, you must be the owner of all the accounts you would like to add to your manager account.

    1. To check if you are an owner of an account, please click into your account settings:

2. Click on the Team Management Tab and identify the "owners"

  • Once the owner has a created a manager account, they will then become the administrator of that manager account (they will also still remain the owner at an individual account level)

  • Administrator users have the highest capabilities within manager accounts. They have the ability to create/delete manager accounts as well as add/remove users from manager accounts

2️⃣ Manager User

  • Manager users can easily be added to a manager account by an administrator or by a staff user (please refer to this article to see how you can add a user to a manager account)

  • The manager then only has access to the accounts within that specific manager account

  • Managers do not have the ability to add/delete accounts or add/delete users from a manager account (they must request the administrator to do that)

Key Notes for User Permissions

  • If a user is removed from a manager account, they are removed from all the Perpetua accounts in that manager account if they are not part of another manager account that has the same company in it

    • For example, A user can be in Manager Account A and Manager Account B, both of which share some of the same accounts. However, if the user is removed from Manager Account A, they will still have access to all account in Manager Account B.

  • If you have multiple administrators on a Manager Account:

    • Administrators can add companies to a manager account only if they and all the other administrators are owners of that company. If a company is greyed out from being added and you are an owner of it, it means one of the other administrator is not an owner of that company.

    • In order to add that Perpetua account to your manager account, please reach out to our in-app chat tool or to your data strategist directly.

How do I Become an Administrator User for a Manager Account?

  • If you are the owner of all accounts within the manager account and you create a manager account, you then become the administrator of that manager account

  • If you would like to become a secondary administrator of an existing manager account, please reach out directly to your Data Strategist, or through our in-app chat tool.

Article last updated February 2024. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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