What is a Manager Account?

What is a Manager Account within Perpetua, why is this such a useful tool to you and how can you set one up!

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What is a Manager Account?

Manager Accounts provides advertisers with a way of grouping accounts within Perpetua. These groups can represent an organizations's entire portfolio of accounts, a specific manager's set of accounts, seller/vendor accounts or any other desired grouping method. A manager account then allows users to easily view and manage multiple Perpetua accounts from a single location.

Manager Accounts have two main functionalities - User Permissions and Multi-Account Executive Dashboard.

Why Do You Need a Manager Account?

  • View both consolidated data or individual account performance on a singular dashboard

    • Easily analyze strategic metrics to make informed decisions and examine areas of potential opportunity for a number of accounts

    • Efficiently export/share executive summary reports to external stakeholders

  • Efficiently perform tedious admin tasks if there are personnel changes within your organization

    • Bulk add/delete a user to a group of accounts

    • Bulk add/delete accounts to a group of accounts

  • Users are able to categorize a large number of accounts into smaller manageable groups.

    • Eliminates information overload and empowers brand managers/users to access the data that is the most relevant to them

    • There is full control, grouping can be done in anyway that is relevant to your organization

Manager Accounts: User Permissions

User permissions within manager accounts allow Perpetua users to create a logical hierarchy of user functionalities within a group of accounts. For example, agencies or customers have the capability to grant desired users with “superpower” permissions within a manager account and limit the capabilities of other users.

The user permissions are as followed:

Administrator User

  • In order to create a manager account, you must be the owner of all the accounts you would like to add to your manager account.

    1. To check if you are an owner of an account, please click into your account settings:

2. Click into the Team Management Tab and identify the "owners"

  • Once the owner has a created a manager account, they will then become the administrator of that manager account (they will also still remain the owner at an individual account level)

  • Administrator users have the highest capabilities within manager accounts. They have the ability to create/delete manager accounts as well as add/remove users from manager accounts

Manager User

  • Manager users can easily be added to a manager account by an administrator or by a staff user (please refer to this article to see how you can add a user to a manager account)

  • The manager then only has access to the accounts within that specific manager account

  • Managers do not have the ability to add/delete accounts or add/delete users from a manager account (they must request the administrator to do that)

To learn more about Manager Account user permissions, click here!

Manager Accounts: Multi-Account Executive Dashboard

The multi-account executive dashboard allows advertisers to view aggregated or broken down performance across all accounts within their manager account. This includes the ability to analyze multi marketplace, regional performance, ad unit performance and a full funnel breakdown. Please click here to find out how the executive dashboard works.

In order for a Perpetua user to access the multi-account dashboard view, a manager account must be created for that group of accounts. Again, this functionality can only be done by the owner of that group of accounts.

However, once any user is added to the manager account (administrator or not), they have access to view and manipulate the executive dashboard!

How To Set Up a Manager Account

Step 1: Identify whether you are the owner of an account or not

  • only the owner of an account is able to set up a manager account - this means that if you would like to set up a manager account with Brand A, Brand B and Brand C, you must be the owner of all of those accounts.

Step 2: Click into the right arrow icon which will display all of your accounts or current manager accounts

Step 3: Click "New Manager Account" and name your new manager account as you would like.

Note: Once you create a manager account, you become the administrator of that manager account

Step 5: Begin to add accounts into the manager account

  • Once again, you must be an owner for all accounts in which you would like to add to the manager account. If the account is greyed out- that means you are not an owner and thus are not allowed to add that account.

Step 6: Add teammates to your manager account

  • You must be the administrator of this manager account to add teammates to your manager account. A manager user does not have the capability to add users to.a manager account.

  • Similarly, only administrator have the ability to remove teammates - and once they are removed they will lose access to all accounts within that manager account, unless they are re-added by the administrator

  • Every user added to this manager account will also have access to all accounts added to this manager account in the future

How To Edit Your Manager Account

There are two ways to access the settings for your manager account:

  1. Hover over the manager account that you would like to edit and a click the settings icon that appears

2. Access your manager account settings within your multi-account executive dashboard. To see how to access your multi-account executive dashboard, please refer to this article.

How To Delete a Manager Account?

As of right now, you cannot delete a manager account within Perpetua. Please reach to our chat tool or Data Strategist.

In the interim:

  • If you are the administrator, you can delete all other users and/or accounts from the manager account to essentially create a void account.

Need helping setting up your manager account? Please reach out directly to your Data Strategist, through our chat tool or email us at hello@perpetua.io

Article last updated April 2022. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact hello@perpetua.io.

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