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Campaign Takeover for Sponsored Products
Campaign Takeover for Sponsored Products

How to optimize existing SP campaigns launched from Amazon to Perpetua

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The Campaign Takeover feature allows you to transfer all of the manual keyword and PAT Sponsored Products campaigns you launched on Amazon to Perpetua-optimized custom campaigns. We recommend using this feature if:

  • The campaigns you launched on Amazon are strong performers and you don't want them to be paused after launching new Perpetua goals on the same ASINs (more details on that here).

  • When your campaigns have robust, long-term history, have been running for a long time, and have a very specific strategy that you can't execute using Perpetua's multi-campaign goal structure.

  • If you have campaigns running with a multi-ad group structure that differs from Perpetua's Multi-Campaign (Classic) Goal structure, and you wish to maintain the original launched campaign setup.

Important Notes:

  • Perpetua will keep the same bidding strategy and placement multipliers you had before the campaign was taken over.

  • Campaign takeover will unpause all previously paused targets in the taken over campaign.

  • Ensure that before taking over campaigns from Amazon, you have a well-defined strategic objective, proper product grouping, and strategic inclusion of targets in place.

Campaign Takeover Walkthrough

1. Navigate to your Sponsored Products tab in the left sidebar to enter your dashboard and click on the Campaigns section in the table below.

  • Note: If your filter isn't automatically set to "Status=Unmanaged", you can do this manually by clicking "Add Filter" and setting it there.

2. Here, you'll see all of the campaigns that are not currently managed by Perpetua. To begin the takeover process, find your desired campaign and click the "Campaign Takeover" button.

3. A pop-up will appear where you can set your goal name, target ACoS, and budget. If you're taking over a single-ad group campaign and you don't want to make any additional edits to your goal, press "Launch Goal" to finalize. However, if you're taking over a multi-ad group campaign and want to set a different target ACoS and budget for each, press "Edit & Launch".

5. On the following screen, the section at the top is where you can jump between each ad group to edit their settings respectfully. Simply click on the dropdown and indicate your desired one.

From there, depending on whether this was a manual keyword or PAT campaign, you'll have different options to configure regarding targeting, harvesting, and bidding strategies. This process is the same as launching a new custom campaign.

  • Click here for more information on launching a custom keyword targeting campaign.

  • Click here for more information on launching a custom product targeting campaign.

6. Once everything has been configured, press "Launch Goal" and you're done! You'll then be able to see your newly converted goal in the Goals table of your Sponsored Products dashboard.

Bulk Campaign Takeover

If you'd like to take over multiple campaigns at the same time, you can use Perpetua's bulk takeover CSV feature.

1. To do this, you click on the "Bulk Campaign Takeover" button in the Campaigns section of your Sponsored Products dashboard.

2. In the pop-up that appears, press the "download template" button to generate a CSV file with all of your unmanaged campaigns.

3. After downloading and opening the CSV file, you'll need to enter your desired target ACoS and daily budget for each campaign row.

  • Please note that target ACoS must be a minimum of 1% and a maximum of 100 campaigns can be taken over at a time.

4. Once you've entered all of the details and saved the file, navigate back to your Perpetua account to upload the file by pressing the button in the screenshot below. From there, press the "convert to goals" button to initiate the process.

5. If any issues occurred during the takeover process, you'll be able to view the details, re-download the CSV, make the required adjustments, and re-upload. This is done through the Bulk Operations tab.

  • Note: Campaign takeover can also be completed through the Bulk Operations tab by selecting "Takeover non Perpetua-managed campaigns". For more information on how to navigate that section, please review this article.

6. After the system is done converting your campaigns to goals, you'll see them populate in the Goals table of your Sponsored Products dashboard.

Article last updated August 2023. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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