Keyword Harvesting in Perpetua

Step-by-step guide on turning off automatic keyword (and ASIN) harvesting on your Amazon and Walmart goals in Perpetua

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One of the advantages of using Perpetua is not having to worry about performing constant search term research to find new keywords and ASIN targets to add. That is many hours staring at a spreadsheet! Perpetua's ad engine does all of the heavy lifting by automatically adding any target that it thinks will bring you a sale. This is called Harvesting.

Harvesting works based on how many targets are currently in a goal. The more targets you have, the more conversions are required to add new ones.

  • By default, everyone will have Automated Harvesting ON.

  • If you'd like Perpetua NOT to harvest/add any keywords automatically to your Amazon or Walmart goals based on performance data, you have the option to turn this OFF entirely.

  • If you want Perpetua to only add targets that have passed a certain number of conversions, you can set a custom threshold.

Follow the steps below to find out how you can adjust your settings.

🚨 Note: Automated harvesting can only be turned off at the goal level, not at the account level. 🚨

How Does Our Harvesting Work?

Perpetua's keyword harvesting streamlines SP goals by leveraging lifetime data to automate the addition of valuable keywords and ASIN targets. This process eliminates the tedious manual task of constant research and management. Here's a comprehensive breakdown of how keyword harvesting operates within Perpetua:


The number of conversions required for harvesting depends on campaign maturity and the existing number of targets. For instance, harvesting occurs with 1-2 conversions or under 15 keywords in a campaign. As the keyword count increases, so does the conversion threshold for further harvesting.

  • When there are fewer keywords (typically 1-2 conversions) or less than 15 keywords in a campaign, harvesting occurs.

  • If there are fewer than 900 keywords, harvesting takes place with 2 or more conversions.

  • After reaching 900 keywords, the threshold for conversions to trigger harvesting gradually increases, such as going up to 3 conversions with ~380 keywords per ad group and 7 conversions with 500 keywords per ad group.

  • When the ad group has fewer than 30 unique match-type texts (or less than 90 targets), Perpetua may harvest from Amazon's suggested keywords.

Where are the targets harvested from?

Perpetua harvests ASINs and category targets from historical campaigns, search term reports, Amazon-suggested ASINs, and categories with conversions.

What match types does Perpetua harvest?

It's important to note that Perpetua harvests keywords across all three match types (exact, phrase, and broad), utilizing lifetime data to determine the most effective keywords for campaigns. Users can also adjust the conversion threshold in "Advanced Settings" to tailor the harvesting process according to campaign needs.

How To Set a Custom Threshold

  1. Click on the goal you want to set keyword harvesting custom thresholds for.

2. Click on the "Advanced Settings" icon at the right-hand side of your dashboard, in your configurations box.

3. Click on the "Harvesting" tab in the left-hand menu.

4. Toggle ON the "Conversion Threshold" and enter the number of conversions you want a keyword to have before it is harvested/suggested.
Hit "Update". Then you're done! 🎉

🚨 Note: Perpetua will harvest based on the conversion threshold you set, as long as there are less than 900 targets per ad group. Otherwise, the engine will apply the Scaling Conversion Threshold. 🚨

If you want to learn more about our engine's logic and its Scaling Conversion Threshold, please reach out to your Data Strategist or in-app chat support!

Harvesting Approval Preferences

These advanced settings empower you with enhanced user control over harvesting behaviours. Specifically, within the Advanced settings of your goal, you have the option to define a "Conversions Threshold" that Perpetua employs for harvesting and suggesting targets.

Once configured, search terms that meet the specified criteria will be added to the goal automatically or will require your approval before inclusion, ensuring adherence to the established "Conversions Threshold.

  • Automatically Add Targets to the Goal

    The following instructs the engine that targets will be added to the goal automatically when they reach 2 conversions, as defined by the "Conversion Threshold:

  • Manually Approve Targets
    Targets that meet the "Conversion Threshold" will be suggested to you, rather than being automatically harvested. As a user, you must review the list of suggested targets and approve manually in order for the engine to add the approved targets.

🚨Note: If the conversion threshold is OFF, then the engine will either automatically harvest or suggest based on our existing Scaling Conversion Threshold.🚨

  • Keyword Match Types
    Some advertisers might not want to use certain types of keywords on Amazon because the rules for matching them are not very strict. Select which match types Perpetua should suggest / harvest, for each goal segment.
    The below represents an "Advanced Targeting" Goal:

    🚨Note: Exact match keywords will always be harvested/suggested.🚨

How to Turn Off Harvesting

1. Click on the goal you want to turn off keyword harvesting for.

2. Click on the "Advanced Settings" icon at the right-hand side of your dashboard, in your configurations box.

3. Click on the "Harvesting" tab in the left-hand menu.
Select the "Manually approve target" option.
Toggle ON "Conversion Threshold" and then hit "Update". Then you're done! 🎉

🚨Note: If the "Conversion Threshold" is OFF, then the engine will either automatically harvest or suggest based on our existing Scaling Conversion Threshold.🚨

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