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How to check the status of your old campaigns

Perpetua is all about making it easy for you to optimize your campaigns and it goes without saying that it's just as simple to switch over to us. Once you set up your account and launch a goal with Perpetua, your existing Amazon campaigns on the asins that you've launched with Perpetua will be paused after 48 hours. 

We've created this 48 hour window to ensure there is a seamless transition between your campaigns and our campaigns without a drop in spend. So, after 49 hours 100% of the spend on these asins will be optimized via Perpetua, your campaigns will no longer be spending and you won't need to touch them at all. 

Keep in mind, the full campaign that the asin is in will not stop spending, but only the ads on the one individual asin.

At first glance, it might appear like your old Amazon campaigns are still running, but by diving deeper it will confirm that it has been paused. You can double check this on Seller Central. On Seller Central, click through to the older campaigns and onto its individual product level following the steps below. Once there you will see that all spending for those campaigns have been paused.

If you absolutely do not want your old campaigns to be paused, send us a message on chat support about SP Campaign Takeover.

How to check the status of your old campaigns

You can check that your old campaigns have been paused by Perpetua by following these steps:




Please note: It may take up to 48h after you launch a goal on Perpetua for the old campaigns to be paused at the ASIN level. The campaign will always appear to be delivering; it is the products within the old campaigns that Perpetua will pause.

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