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Tabs within the Advanced Settings Window:

Keywords & Product Targeting


Campaign Management (NEW!) ⭐️

Search Term Isolation

ACoS Multiplier


Whether you're launching a new Sponsored Product goal or simply editing an existing one, the Advanced Settings modal allows you to configure a variety of different settings, all in one place.

You can access Advanced Settings when you are launching a goal, or when you click into an existing goal. On the right side panel, you will see ⚙️ Advanced at the bottom. Click here to open Advanced Settings.

Then, the Advanced Settings window will appear.

Keyword & Product Targeting

If you want to add any keywords or ASINs that you believe will be successful, you can add them to your campaign from this view.

Click here for a more in-depth guide to adding keyword and ASIN targets.


Perpetua automatically finds keywords and ASIN targets and will add them to your campaign.

Click here to learn more about keyword harvesting and find out how you can turn off harvesting altogether or customize the harvesting criteria.

Campaign Management

Campaign Management allows you to:

  • pause/unpause campaigns within a goal

  • apply placement multipliers and change the bidding strategy

If you want to pause or unpause any campaigns under a goal, you can easily toggle your campaigns on and off by following these steps.

If you want to apply placement multipliers and/or change the bidding strategy, follow the instructions below. Note: For Keyword Boost (KWB/KB) campaigns, you cannot change the bidding strategy and the only % multiplier you can edit is for the Top of Search placement.

  1. Click 🔽 to expand the sections for Bidding Strategy and/or Placement Multipliers. This is shown in red on the image below.

  2. To change your bidding strategy, 🔘 select one of the following options as shown in blue below:

    1. Dynamic Bids - Down Only

    2. Dynamic Bids - Up & Down

    3. Fixed Bids

  3. To apply % multipliers to Top of Search and Product Page placements, input your percentage in the input fields in green below.

  4. Click Done to save.

Search Term Isolation

Search Term Isolation will funnel spend towards exact match types to improve efficiency.

To learn about this feature and how to turn it on, click here.

ACoS Multiplier

To set an ACoS multiplier for goal segment, enter in the numerical value in the input field. Click Done to save.

Article last updated May 2022. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact hello@perpetua.io.

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