Perpetua automatically harvests high performing keywords and ASINs however if you have keywords or ASINs that you believe will be successful, there is an easy way to add them to your campaign.

If you are unsure what targets should be in your goals, click here to get a better idea.

How to Add Targets

1) Go into the desired goal and click the "Targets" tab. On the top right hand corner of the Targets section, click the "+" button. 

2) From the dropdown, choose "Add Targets" 

3) Select the desired target type and type in your targets separated by a new line.

4) Select the match types you want to add. Once selected, the button will change from grey to purple.

Example. I want to add broad and phrase match types only for "strawberry" and "mango". Phrase Match and Broad Match are both purple. Exact Match remains grey.

🚨 If you have keyword harvesting turned ON, then the system will automatically add new targets to your campaigns and include all 3 match types when doing so. This means that if you add keyword targets and only select 1 or 2 of the 3 match types, the third one could eventually get added. If you do not want Perpetua to add new targets, then you must turn keyword harvesting OFF. Please click here for instructions. If you want Perpetua to continue harvesting keywords, but there is only one match type you do not want for a particular keyword, simply pause the match types you do not want for that keyword.

5) Click "Add To Goal". Once the targets have been added, it will be displayed in the targets list with a "User Added" flag.

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