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I Am a New Advertiser or Want to Advertise a Brand New SKU, What Are Some Best Practices?
I Am a New Advertiser or Want to Advertise a Brand New SKU, What Are Some Best Practices?
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Method 1️⃣ - Promotion (Outside of Advertising)

Are you enrolled in the Vine or Early Reviewer Program? New products with no reviews and no purchase history are the most difficult to advertise, with 92% of shoppers considering peer reviews when shopping online. These tools exist outside of Amazon advertising, but are a great way to supercharge your Leveraging a price promotion will also help kick start sales – a deal badge will be included in your sponsored ads and could compel shoppers to try the product.

Method 2️⃣ - Auto Campaigns

If you have never advertised before and are working with a new ad account, it may take some time to build up relevance. Auto campaigns can help place your sponsored product ads in front of the right shoppers. If Auto campaigns are struggling to spend, create manual campaigns via Custom Goals with elite keyword targets closely related to your products. Leverage Bid Adjustment to play around with the most optimal bid that will bring in more traffic and reach a wider audience. Consider advertising more products in the range.

Method 3️⃣ - Sponsored Brands & Sponsored Display

Use SB ads to promote new products using a custom headline to reassure the shopper of product quality – ‘Brand new from the number one pet brand’ / ‘Try our new flavours!’ / ‘Just landed –'new model convertible laptop’ etc. Add your new product to an existing and relevant SB campaign to generate views. Include your new products on your Store homepage to increase awareness and generate early traffic from shoppers who like your brand. SD ads can be used to cross-sell toward shoppers on your existing PDPs, or by conquesting competitor ASINs and driving traffic toward your new PDP. Brand defence SD ads might be the safest approach when advertising a new product. Competitor conquesting is often more successful when your product has sufficient reviews/ratings, which might not be the case with newly launched products.

Method 4️⃣ - Conduct Research With Search Insights & Market Intelligence

When selecting targets to start with, it can be helpful to identify those with the greatest opportunity. Use Search Insights to identify the main competitors ranking highly on a specific search term. Use Market Intelligence Tool to research competitor catalogues and see which search terms their products rank highly on. These tools can help you select the most important keywords to target when launching a new product.

Method 5️⃣ - SP PAT Category Refinement

Utilize the Sponsored Products Category Refinement feature within the manual campaign to create targeted campaigns specifically tailored to make your product stand out.

When using SP Category Refinement on Amazon, target specific products or brands with lower ratings or higher price points. Highlight your new product as a better alternative for dissatisfied customers or a more affordable choice with comparable quality. This strategy boosts visibility and positions your product favourably against competitors.

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