How to Launch a Walmart Sponsored Video Goal
Step-by-step guideline on how to create and launch a new Sponsored Video goal for Walmart in Perpetua.
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This guide will take you through:

Navigate to Walmart Marketplace

At Perpetua, all of your marketplaces are found in one easy-to-use platform. Simply login to your account and navigate to the Walmart marketplace which is marked by the Walmart logo on the left-hand side of your dashboard.

Next, click on the Sponsored Brands tab found on your sidebar.

In order to begin launching a goal, click on the purple "New Goal" on your Sponsored Brands homepage.

Where it says "Ad Format", select Video.

Enter Brand Name, Goal Name and Budget

Step 1: Brand Name

  • Your brand name should be no longer than 35 characters including spaces. The brand name should clearly match the brand name you're using among the rest of your content and campaigns.

Step 2: Goal Name

  • Your goal name can be a maximum of 60 characters. Your goal name won't show in your ad, but should be something that is easy for you to understand and relevant to the products included in the goal.

Step 3: Daily Budget

  • Enter your daily budget, which must be set at a minimum of $50 (this budget requirement is a limitation of Walmart).

Note: Perpetua's Walmart Sponsored Video does not currently support targeting types. This means that we will just be launching one singular manual campaign.

Adding Products

Once you have created the goal, you must now select the products that you would like to include. You can select anywhere from 1 - 10 products, but we recommend sticking with 1 - 2 products per campaign. For this ad unit, you can only advertise parent item ID's.

  • Click on the blank circle beside the products or input the Item Ids via the bulk add item Ids module.

Note: If you do not see the product you would like to advertise, click on "bulk add item Ids" and input your 9 digit Walmart item ID.

  • If you don't know your item ID, this can be easily found either on your Walmart Seller Central account or by searching for your product on and using the last 9 digits found in the product's URL

Enter Creative & Media Details

Step 1: Upload your video file.

  • A customer who clicks on your creative will be directed to the product detail page for your selected products on

Ensure that your video file meets the following requirements:

  • Resolution of 1920 x 1080px - 3840 x 2160px

  • File format is MP4 or MOV

  • File size is a maximum of 500mB

  • Length is minimum of 5 seconds, and maximum of 30 seconds

  • Aspect ratio is 16:9

Step 2: Upload Closed Caption File

  • Video content requires Closed Captions, per ADA guidelines. If your video contains spoken words out-loud, you must also upload a closed caption file

  • Sponsored Video Ads launch on mute, so captions ensure that customers don’t miss any important details

  • Maximum file size of 50kB

  • Ensure a .VTT or .SRT caption file is supplied

Keyword Targeting

Add each keyword into each match type, setting either an individual bid for each keyword or running a bid override that will set a designated bid across all keywords in that match type. The minimum bid for this ad format is $1.30. To learn more about managing keywords refer to this article.

  • If you don't set a bid override, the ad engine will automatically use default bids

Note: There is no bid optimization for this ad format. This means your keywords will only operate at the default bid that is initially set, and won't be changed based on performance.

Submitting For Review

Your Sponsored Video goal will take approximately 24 - 48 hours to be reviewed by the Walmart team. First, once submitting for review it will take about 30 minutes to an hour for the video to be reviewed, to ensure it meets the requirements. Then your whole campaign will go into another review step to ensure your items are correct, and your keywords are relevant to them. During this time period, please avoid making any changes to the goal. You won't receive a formal notification once your goal is published or rejected, so you'll have to come back and check!

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