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Bulk operations are only available for the addition and editing of keyword and ASIN targets in Sponsored Product goals. Keyword Boost targets can be updated via bulk operations.

If you want to upload changes to goals in bulk, we have a separate feature that you can access within a Sponsored Product goal. Click here for the step-by-step guide.

The following changes are possible through the bulk .csv upload function:

  • Pausing and enabling targets in bulk

    • Note: You can only Pause or Enable (unpause) targets as these are the only valid actions. You will not be able to archive any targets; this is not supported on the app either.

  • Adding targets and negative matches in bulk

    • Note: You cannot apply a negative match to a category target. This is a forbidden action

  • Apply fixed and AI-powered bid adjustments in bulk

    • Note: The maximum bid multiplier you can use is 5x for a dynamic bid adjustment. Entering a value greater than 5 is a forbidden action

Please be advised that attempting the forbidden actions will cause the .csv upload to fail.

How to perform Bulk Operations

  1. Click on Sponsored Products on the menu and click the goal. Once you are in the goal, click the Targets tab.

  2. Click the Bulk Operations icon on the upper right corner of the Targets list.

  3. Click on Download CSV Template. The downloaded file name will match the goal name.

When you open the template, you will see the following spreadsheet. The columns you can edit are highlighted in yellow in the image below. You may need to expand your columns to see the text for the column titles completely.

  • COLUMN A is used to apply negative matches. Change NO to YES to apply a negative match.

  • COLUMN B is for changing the target status.

    • ENABLED means it is active

    • PAUSED means that it is inactive

  • COLUMN C is the target. It will display the keyword, or the ASIN

  • COLUMN D specifies the target type.

    • For keywords, this will be BROAD, PHRASE, or EXACT.

    • For ASIN or category targets, it will say TARGET_EXPRESSION

  • COLUMN E and F are used to apply bid adjustments. Only one of the two columns need to be completed.

    • Enter a value (ex. 1.00) in column E if you want to apply a fixed bid

    • Enter a value between 0.05 to 5 in column F if you want to use an AI Powered, dynamic bid multiplier

  • COLUMN G is used to set the duration for your bid adjustment. You have 3 options:

    • Entering a value between 1 and 30 means you want the experiment to expire. For example, 7 means that the bid adjustment will only run for 7 days. Note: If I start a bid adjustment today at 11AM and select a 7-day duration, it would end at 11AM on the 7th day.

    • ENDED means the bid adjustment experiment is stopped

      • Reminder: You must input ENDED to stop a bid adjustment. Deleting the row will do nothing.

    • ALWAYS means that the experiment will be ON and never end

  • COLUMNS H, I and J will be empty unless the system detected errors in the template

    Make your desired changes by changing the column contents on this template. If you want to add targets, you will need to fill out a new row on the spreadsheet.

4. Save the changes on the template, and upload the updated .csv file by repeating steps 1-2, and clicking Upload CSV. After you select the file, you will see a progress bar showing the completion rate of the upload.

5. Once the upload is successful, a pop-up message will appear in the upper right corner to confirm that the changes have been updated. If the upload fails, a red error message will appear instead. Below are the steps to solve the problems.

How to resolve errors

If the upload fails, a red error message will pop up in the upper right corner. Here are ways you can resolve this problem:

  1. Make sure that you have less than 25, 000 rows in your spreadsheet. If you exceed this limit, the upload will fail.

  2. Download the .csv template as the error message suggests. In the new .csv file, you will only see the error rows. The successful rows will have already pushed through. Correct the leftover rows that caused the upload to fail, and save the file. Upload the saved file again.

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