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Bulk operations are only available for the creation and editing of Sponsored Product and Brand goals. Keyword Boost campaigns cannot be updated via bulk operations for goals.

The following changes are possible through the bulk .csv upload function for Sponsored Product goals:

  • Launching new goals with a universal, brand-based or advanced targeting type

  • Adjusting daily budgets and target ACoS on goals

  • Adding / removing ASINs within the goals (you cannot pause them)

    • Note: Removing all ASINs within a goal will not delete the goal

    • If you want to delete ASINs, you can set the status as "Deleted"

  • Pausing goals (you cannot delete goals)

The following changes are possible through the bulk .csv upload function for Sponsored Brand goals:

  • Adjust daily budgets and target ACoS on goals

  • Pausing goals (you cannot delete goals)

  • Note: Additional functionality will be added in future updates


  • It is not possible to update the targeting type on existing goals using this feature.

  • Deleting an ASIN from a goal and adding it to another goal/new goal would require two separate uploads. You cannot do it in one spreadsheet.

  • You cannot update the campaign names, only goal names.

    • Note: If you update the goal name on the Perpetua app, it will not be reflected on Amazon. Revising campaign names is still not supported through the Perpetua app.

If you want to edit targets in bulk, we have a separate feature that you can access within a Sponsored Product goal. You are also able to manage targets in a keyword boost campaign using this feature. Click here for the step-by-step guide.

How to Perform Bulk Operations

  1. Click into your Sponsored Products or Brands tab. Next to the purple "New Goal" button below the graph, you will see the Bulk Operations icon that you can click to reveal the drop-down.

2. Click on Download CSV Template and make all of your changes on this template. Watch the video from our Ad School below that covers all the bulk actions you can conduct using the template.

Note: when making bulk changes to Custom Campaigns, the type column will be labeled as "SingleCampaign_KW" or "SingleCampaign_PAT" depending on the type you launched.

*Making changes in the Sponsored Brands template is done the same way but the columns will look like the screenshot below:

3. Save the changes on the template, and upload the updated .csv file by clicking the purple Upload CSV button. After you select the file, you will see a progress bar showing the completion rate of the upload.

4. Once the upload is successful, a pop-up message will appear in the upper right corner to confirm that the changes have been updated.

How to Resolve Errors

If the upload fails, a red error message will pop up in the upper right corner. Here are ways you can resolve this problem:

  1. Download the .csv template as the error message suggests. In the new .csv file, you will see messages in the results, errors, and warnings columns. The successful rows will have been pushed through and there will be a message in the results column providing you that information. Any rows that had issues and were no pushed through will have those corresponding messages in the results, errors, and warnings columns. Correct the rows with the issues, save the file, and re-upload the file to try again.

Article last updated February 2023. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact hello@perpetua.io

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