What are Walmart Sponsored Products Ads?

An overview of Walmart Sponsored Products ads, their key benefits, and eligibility requirements.

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What are Walmart Sponsored Products Ads?

The main method of advertising on Walmart.com is through Cost-Per-Click (CPC) ads known as Sponsored Products. This ad type means you choose how much you are willing to bid on a product or keyword and are charged that amount only when a shopper clicks on your ad.

These ads appear on organic search results, product detail pages, and category pages on Walmart.com. Sponsored Products are selected based on relevancy and bids. The most relevant product with the highest bid wins the ad placement.

Key benefits of Walmart Sponsored Products

  • Boost product sales and visibility 👀

  • Increase your share of wallet 💵

  • Grow & protect market share 🤺

  • Maximize profitable SKUs 💥

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Requirements for your Sponsored Products ads to be served

Once you've set up a Walmart Sponsored Products account, there are also eligibility requirements that dictate whether your ad will be served on Walmart.com. These requirements are...

To be selected to serve an ad, your advertised product(s) must be:

  • In stock

  • Winning the Buy Box

  • Be relevant to the category/ keyword(s) you are targeting

For Search In-grid placements, your products must also:

  • Rank higher than or equal to their organic search ranking

  • Be of the same category as the search query

  • Be of the same product type as at least one non-sponsored product in the top 20 results

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