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Manage your targets across all Amazon ad units and view search term performance from Perpetua's Targets & Search Terms tab

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Users can manage targets and search terms from the Targets & Search tab in the left sidebar.


Understanding the display

Under the Targets section, you can make changes to your targets that will apply to all goals or multiple goals at once as opposed to going into each goal one-by-one. Targets that appear here are from all ad units including Sponsored Products, Brands, and Display.

The icon next to the target will represent its status. It will be half-filled purple circle if a target is paused in some goals, and active in others.

The icon will be a lightning bolt if a target is enabled in all goals.

How to make changes to your targets

From this view, users are able to pause, enable and negative match a target for all or some goals. You can also apply the changes to multiple targets at once. Instructions for the 3 options are below:

If you want to apply a change to all goals for a target, hover over the target you want to enable or pause, and click on the 3 dots to reveal the options.

If you want to apply this change to some goals only, click on the arrow 🔽 next to the target to expand the goals list. From here, you can 🔘 select the goal(s) you want and apply changes to multiple goals in one place rather than going into each goal page.

If you want to apply the same change to multiple targets at once, 🔘 select the target(s) and click the purple pause, enable and negative match buttons in the top right corner of the table.

Search Terms

Under Search Terms, you will see all search terms from Sponsored Products ads along with their respective performance data in one view.

Overlap Badge

If you run many Sponsored Products goals at one time, you may see an overlap badge on search terms in this section (refer to screenshot below). This badge will only appear when you have a product that is being advertised in more than one goal and those goals are bidding on the same search term.

If you click into that search term, you'll be taken to the deep-dive view for that term. This pages contains a standard metrics graph and two tabs labeled Goals and Targets. They will show the goals and targets where this search term is being bid on, respectively.

In the Goals tab, any goals that are experiencing that overlap will have the same badge applied.

If you click on the badge, you'll see the products involved in the overlap. Then, press the arrow to the left and that will expand the list showing the affected goals.

From here, you can negative match the search term in either of these goals by going to the previous page, pressing the 3 dots, and choosing to negative match the phrase or exact match type. You can also do this for the target instead from the Targets tab.

Note: You can view this search term data and take the same actions within the Search Terms tab in the deep-dive view of your Sponsored Products goals.

Additional actions in this section include:

  • Customizing the table to view metrics of your choice

  • Downloading up to 300 search terms for all Sponsored Products goals by changing the "results per page" dropdown to 300 at the bottom right of the table

    • To download all search terms, please reach out to our chat support team as we will need to export the .csv on the backend.

Article last updated November 2022. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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