How do I launch a Sponsored Display goal?

Benefits of using SD ads, and a step-by-step manual on how to launch a sponsored display goal on Perpetua

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Perpetua's Sponsored Display feature can be broken down into 2 types: Product Targeting (PT) and Audiences Targeting (aka. Remarketing).

Within each targeting type we offer pre-made strategies called "segments" to help you input your objectives. Below is our SD structure breakdown.

PT segments:
*️⃣Competitor Product Targeting: Capture traffic from competitor product pages
*️⃣ Brand Defense Product Targeting: Appear on your own pages to cross-sell, upsell, and dominate your own search space to protect your brand against competitors

Remarketing segments:
Advertised Products Views Remarketing: Target shoppers who viewed products in this goal [over the past 30 days] but did not purchase them

*️⃣ Similar Products Views Remarketing: Target shoppers who viewed products similar to products in this goal [over the past 30 days] and did not purchase them

Custom Segments:

*️⃣ Custom ASINs Product Targeting: Target a customized group of products of your choice

*️⃣ Custom Audiences Targeting: Target a specific audience of your choice

Benefits of using Sponsored Display Ads

  • Can boost exposure for any new product listings

  • Can bring more traffic to your product detail pages (it's the best way to appear above the fold!)

  • Allows you to competitor conquest by placing your products under your competitors' listings.

  • Reach a broader audience and increase brand awareness.

  • Takes advantage of the keyword and ASIN targets that have been harvested from Sponsored Products campaigns and utilize this data in Sponsored Display campaigns.

How to Launch a Sponsored Display Goal

  1. Go to the Sponsored Display tab on the menu

  2. Scroll down below the graph and click New Goal.

  3. From here, configuring your goal will involve 3 steps (product selection, segment configuration and naming your goal). First, select your products. You are able to select more than 1 product. You can also have the same ASIN in multiple goals.

  4. Click the Add Segment button.

  5. Select your Segments. You can pick between:
    *️⃣ Competitor Product Targeting
    *️⃣ Brand Defense Product Targeting
    *️⃣ Advertised Products Views Remarketing

    *️⃣ Similar Products Views Remarketing

    *️⃣ Custom ASINs Product Targeting

    *️⃣ Custom Audiences Targeting

  6. Input your target Target ACoS and daily budget amount (min. budget is $5), and click Done.

  7. If you'd wish to have another segment within this goal, click Add Segment.

  8. Then, repeat the step 6.

  9. When you have added all the segments you want, scroll down and name your goal. Finally, click Launch Goal.

Now you have launched a new SD goal which can be viewed in your SD goals list.

Article last updated April 2023. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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