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Amazon Brand Registry and What It Unlocks in Your Perpetua App
Amazon Brand Registry and What It Unlocks in Your Perpetua App

What is Amazon Brand Registry and how to troubleshoot if your Sponsored Brands tab isn't appearing

Written by Ashley Chung
Updated over a week ago

Here's a quick guide on what Amazon Brand Registry is, how to access your brand registry, and troubleshoot issues related to brand registry on Perpetua's app.

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What is Amazon Brand Registry?

The Amazon Brand Registry is a program within Amazon that allows verified brand owners to protect their registered trademarks, have access to enhanced reporting tools, and ultimately gain more control over their brand across Amazon. Some of the things this platform aims to help sellers with, include:

  • Adding/Managing branded products

  • Eliminating brand’s replica products in the marketplace

  • Ensuring branded product information on the listed page is correct

For more information about what Amazon Brand Registry entails, we recommend you taking a look at their website!

How to access Amazon Brand Registry and get the Sponsored Brands tab?

To enrol for Amazon's Brand Registry program is a one-time process done at Seller Central. Before enrolling, make sure you review their eligibility requirements as they can vary from one country to another. The following video will show you how to obtain Brand Registry to activate your Sponsored Brands tab on your Perpetua dashboard:

For more videos like this, check out Perpetua's Ad School!

Why isn't my Sponsored Brands tab showing up or why am I getting an error when creating a Sponsored Display goal?

Don't panic! There could be various reasons as to why you can't see see your Sponsored Brands tab or why you keep receiving an error message when trying to create a goal under your Sponsored Display tab. Go through the list below to see if this applies to you:

  • If you only recently got brand registry, wait 24-48h to see if the Sponsored Brands tab shows on Perpetua.

  • Disable your ad blocker, test on a different browser, and add Perpetua's URL to your whitelist and refresh.

  • It's not uncommon for your brand to lose registry if you haven't launched a Sponsored Brand Campaign in a while. If this is the case, Amazon would require you to renew your brand registry.

If you've completed all the steps above in troubleshooting your Brand Registry, but somehow you're still running into troubles...

What you'll need to do is complete the following steps:

  1. Submit an Ads Console support ticket using this link

  2. Include the following message in your ticket: "I'm a seller with a registered brand in Brand Registry; however, I don't have access to the store builder or access to my brand. Could you please help correct my brand configuration so that I can get access to store builder?"

  3. The support team in the Ads Console will resolve this issue and the process will take within 2 weeks or less.

Article last updated January 2022. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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