Wondering how to launch your first Sponsored Products goal in Perpetua? To help set you up for success, we've created some awesome step-by-step articles that will walk you through the following:

  1. Product Groupings: How to best group your products

  2. Goal Targeting Types + Setting Initial Target ACoS and Budget: What goal type to choose and why based on your strategy & how to decide the initial Target ACoS and Daily Budgets

  3. Adding Branded/Competitor Phrases vs. Targets: What the difference between Phrases and Keywords are and when to add each type in the goal launch process

  4. Launching a Goal on a Product with No History: Best practices to launch a goal on products with no historical data

How to Launch a Sponsored Product Goal

  1. Go to the Sponsored Product tab on the left hand menu, then scroll past the graph and click the purple New Goal button.

  2. Select your products, and a targeting type from the drop-down menu on the right.

  3. Once you select your targeting type, enter in the target ACoS and budget. If you choose the brand-based or advanced targeting types, you will also need to add phrases.

  4. Once you have configured your goal, click the purple Launch Goal button.

    1. Perpetua will automatically perform target harvesting but you can customize your preferences in ⚙️ Advanced Settings found above the Launch Goal button. In Advanced Settings, you can also turn on search term isolation (which is OFF by default), pick your bidding strategy and input placement multipliers. For a full breakdown on Advanced Settings, click here. Please note you can also change your Advanced Settings after the goal has launched.

  5. You will be taken back to your Sponsored Products overview page, and the goal will show under the Goals list.

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