Adding Additional Countries

How to add another country to the same Perpetua account

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If you're selling products in multiple countries, there are some steps you need to take before you're able to optimize your ads for those countries within Perpetua.

In order to add an additional country to your Perpetua account, you must already be advertising within there. Once you've launched at least one campaign in the new country, just follow these simple steps to start optimizing that country within Perpetua.

If this country has a different seller ID than your existing account, then you must add a new account as opposed to a country in an existing Perpetua account. To add an additional account to Perpetua, please follow this guide.

If you're receiving an error, check out this guide.

How to Add Additional Countries

  1. Click on your account on the menu on the left-hand side.

  2. Click "+" (Add Marketplace) in the popover.

  3. If additional countries are available to you, you will be given the option of selecting which ones you'd like to add to your Perpetua account.

  4. Once you've added your desired marketplace, you will see new flags under the "+" icon. From here you can easily toggle between your different marketplaces.

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