How to Launch an Instacart Goal

Step-by-step guideline on how to create and launch a Sponsored Product goal for Instacart.

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Overview of Steps

Navigate to Instacart Marketplace

To launch a goal for Instacart, start by navigating to your Instacart marketplace on Perpetua. Click on the Instacart 🥕 icon in the far left sidebar of your account.

Next, click onto Sponsored Products under Goals on the side bar.

How to launch an Instacart goal

Start by clicking on the purple button labeled 'New Goal'.

Add Products

To add products into an Instacart goal, you will need each Universal Product Code (UPC). Click Add UPCs and paste all product codes in the pop-up window, separating each entry by a new line or comma. Once you are finished, click 'Done'.

Select a Targeting Type

Next, select your goal Targeting Type. You will have a choice between Universal Targeting, Brand-based Targeting, and Advanced Targeting.

  1. Universal Targeting: one target ROAS and budget for all keywords.

  2. Brand-based: distinct target ROAS and daily budget for Branded vs. Unbranded keywords.

  3. Advanced Targeting: unique target ROAS and daily budget for Branded, Category, and Competitor keywords.

Non-Search Isolation targets Instacart's non-search ad placements only and can be toggled on or off for any Targeting Type. Learn more about Non-Search Isolation here.

Add Relevant Branded / Competitor Phrases

If you choose Brand-based or Advanced Targeting, make sure to add in all relevant Branded and Competitor Phrases. This includes your / competitor's brand name, branded terms, and any misspellings.

Phrases provide Perpetua with a "map" to identify which keywords are branded, competitor, or unbranded. All keywords containing the full phrase entered plus any terms that appear before and after that phrase will be automatically pulled into the applicable segment.

Add a Goal Name and enter Target ROAS / Daily Budgets

Finally, enter in a Goal Name, add your Target ROAS and Daily Budget, then click 'Launch Goal' to make your campaigns live!

ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) = attributed sales / ad spend. This is the inverse of ACoS (1/ACOS).

Add Keywords to your Goal

Once your goal is launched, add all keywords relevant to your product and brand. Instacart ads serve on exact-match keywords only so we recommend adding all potential long and short-tail terms.

Click into the goal by clicking on the goal name, and select the Targets tab.

Select on the "+" button to bulk add keywords.

After you launch your goal

There is a 48 hour delay for data pulled into Perpetua so you won't see any activity in your goals right away. If you still aren't seeing any spend after the 48 hour window, bids may be too low. Try decreasing Target ROAS which will help increase bids or reach out to for support.

Turn off any pre-Perpetua Campaigns

If you have existing campaigns running on Instacart, be sure to pause these 48 hours after you launch your goals in Perpetua. We will NOT pause any pre-Perpetua / non-optimized campaigns for you.

Article last updated January, 2022. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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