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How to use Perpetua's Non-Search Isolation feature for Instacart

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Background: How Non-Search Targeting Works

There are two main classifications for where Sponsored Product ads can appear on Instacart: Search and Non-Search. While placements for search are achieved through keyword bidding, Non-Search placements are controlled by the "default bid" which applies at the ad group level on Instacart's native ad console.

This default bid exists within each ad group of all campaigns and can be adjusted up or down depending on how aggressive advertisers would like to target Non-Search placements.

The are five Non-Search ad placements:

  1. Home Page as "You May Like"

  2. Buy It Again / Your Items: Featured in a list of previously purchased items, customized by retailer and user

  3. Department / Aisle pages

  4. Item Detail Page: Featured on the product detail page of similar or related items

  5. Post-Checkout as "Last Minute Additions"

Note: By adjusting the default bid, you adjust the bid price for all placements simultaneously. Instacart does not yet offer bidding for individual Non-Search placements (i.e. Home page only vs. category pages only, etc.)

For more information on what Non-Search placements look like, please refer to Instacart Ad Inventory and Ad Types.

Non-Search Isolation with Perpetua

At Perpetua, we understand the importance of setting a distinct strategy for Non-Search placements.

By turning on Non-Search Isolation, you'll be able to set a Target ROAS and daily budget for Non-Search placements exclusively, which will allow full flexibility and control over spend towards these placements.

Note: For new goals, Non-Search Isolation will be toggled on by default. By turning Non-Search Isolation OFF, Perpetua will continue to optimize the default bid within all campaigns meaning Non-Search spend and sales will be spread throughout each segment of your goal.

Best Practices for Launching Non-Search Isolation

When turning on Non-Search Isolation, we recommend using your historical 30-day realized ROAS and spend as a benchmark for initial Target ROAS and Daily Budget.

To quickly calculate find Non-Search performance within your goal, follow the steps below:

  1. Click into the goal on Perpetua

  2. Filter for the Last 30 Days

  3. Click into the 'Targets' tab and locate the "Non Search special target"

Here's an example of how to set Target ROAS and initial budget for the above goal:

Target ROAS = historical ROAS = 3.30

Daily Budget = ($301.66 / 30 days) * 1.2 = $12

Perpetua recommends multiplying historical daily spend by 1.2 to avoid campaign exhaustion.

For support on how to setup, please reach out to your account manager at Perpetua or send us a message via our in-app chat.

Article last updated January, 2022. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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