You can read more about Sponsored Brand video campaigns here.

What does it mean when Perpetua Optimizes a Sponsored Brand video campaign?

Bid Optimization

The initial bids and keywords provided to you by Perpetua were a great starting point for these campaigns, but you will now have Perpetua's ad engine making daily bid adjustments based on your target ACoS and performance of these keyword targets. 

New Keyword Harvesting

Perpetua will harvest new keywords for your Sponsored Brand video campaign based on keywords that are performing well for your Sponsored Product goals on the same ASINs. You will have the option to turn this feature off in Advanced Settings (similar to all Sponsored Brand goals).

How do I Launch a new Sponsored Brand video campaign?

After going to the Sponsored Brand tab in Perpetua, select New Goal, and then Video.

From the goal creation page, you will have the option to Upload a video, or to Create a new video using Perpetua's Sponsored Brand video creator. These campaigns are launched on single ASINs, and clicking on the ad will direct customers to the product detail page for that ASIN.

How do I optimize an existing Sponsored Brand video campaign?

If you have Sponsored Brand video campaigns that you have already launched and you want Perpetua to now optimize, first go to the Sponsored Brand tab. From there, select Unmanaged Campaigns, and then Optimize. You will then be prompted to input a target ACoS and budget, at which point Perpetua will take over optimization.

Please reach out to or your Data Strategist if you have any questions. 

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