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How do I use the video creator for Sponsored Brand videos?

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If you don't already have videos to use for Sponsored Brand video campaigns, you can create videos directly in Perpetua.

In order to access the video creator, go to the Sponsored Brand page, select "New Goal", and then "Video". From here you can choose:

  • "Select Video" if you want to upload a video you already have, or use one that you have previously made in Perpetua.

  • Alternatively, select "Create Video" to launch the Video Creator.

Video Settings

1️⃣ Themes

The first element of your video to select is the theme. You can preview the themes on this screen to see what is the best fit for the ASIN you will be advertising in this video. Note that the different themes may use different numbers of images, lines of copy as well as lengths of copy, and default music. Additionally, some themes will feature the name of your product while others will not.

2️⃣ Product Name

Enter a name for the advertised ASIN to alert customers as to what is in your video. We suggest keeping this short.

3️⃣ Images

The number of images you will need for your video depends on the theme you have chosen. You will need to upload the Brand Logo and Product image(s), where you can input any images that you feel work nicely with the theme and the message you are trying to communicate with this video.

4️⃣ Copy

Similar to images, the copy that you can input will depend on the theme you have chosen. There will be suggestions for what type of copy to input in each box, but it is up to you on what messaging you would like to use. There is a character limit on each text box that will also vary by theme.

5️⃣ Music

There is a default song associated with each theme. Alternatively, you have the option to select a different song from the Perpetua library. If you want to use a different song that you have the right to use in a video, you will need to have a custom theme created.

Video Credits

Each video will cost 1 credit to make, but your first video with Perpetua will be free. Additional video credits must be purchased. Credits can be purchased in packages of 10 for $100 by selecting the "Buy More" button in the video creator window.

🚨Note: Once you have clicked "Create Video", no changes can be made. This means that if you made any typos or want to change any images, you will need to use another credit to do so. Please review all the edits you have made to your video before clicking on "Create Video". 🚨

Video Content

It is your responsibility to ensure that all content in your video adheres to Amazon's guidelines for Sponsored Brand video. If images or text put into the Perpetua video creator cause your video to not be approved, this will still use a video credit. 

Download Your Video

If you would like to download the video, you can do so by following the instructions laid out here.

Article last updated January 2024. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact hello@perpetua.io.

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