Bid Adjustments is a powerful feature that combines Human + AI interaction to strategically experiment with Perpetua's Ad Engine. The goal of this feature is to allow you to use human logic to aid in the engine's bidding algorithm. Our engine's bidding algorithms have certain constraints to prevent the engine from taking on "risk", meaning bidding higher or lower than we can statistically determine "safe". The goal of this feature is to allow our users to accept the risk on behalf of the engine and aggressively bid above or below the thresholds that constrain the engine. The engine will take the data from these experiments and train the algorithms for your specific account - using both the good and bad results. All the experiments can be adjusted on the dedicated Experiments tab, where you can change the bid, adjust the duration, or stop the experiment.

You can choose a fixed bid or an AI-powered bid (a keyword multiplier) where it will be optimized for a set duration that you choose. During that time, you can analyze the impact of the change and its results within the original goal and in the Experiments tab. With the ad engine's continuous learning, it will take all the data collected during the experiment to further improve its machine learning and better optimize goals. 

How do I make Bid Adjustments?

*Note: For Amazon, this will apply to both Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns. This feature is also eligible for all Instacart Featured Product goals.*

To perform a bid adjustment, select the targets from the list within your goal. You can select as many as you want to adjust at a time. Once you have selected targets, select the  "Adjust Bids" $ button that has appeared in the top right corner of the targets list.

You can then select if you want to perform an AI-powered adjustment or a fixed bid, as well as the duration for this experiment to run. Once you are ready, you can click the next button and launch your Bid Override!

How do I edit my Bid Adjustments?

Goal view:

From here you can select keywords and the bid adjustment button again, and change any of the settings on the bid adjustment. Alternatively, you can select the 3 dots that appear to the right of a keyword and choose "Stop Bid Adjustments"

Experiments tab:

From here you can select the 3 dots beside any of the keywords and choose "Edit" to modify your bid adjustment, or "Stop" to have the bid go back to the ad engine's optimal value. 

Why use it:

  • Drive spend on keywords with no impressions but are deemed strategic

  • Reduce spend on poorly performing or “expensive” keywords that are not part of your strategy

  • Drive spend on well-performing keywords

  • Experiment with new keywords the Ad Engine is not spending on

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