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What are bid adjustments and when should I be using them?

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What are bid adjustments?

Bid Adjustments is a powerful feature that combines Human + AI interaction to strategically experiment with Perpetua's Ad Engine. The goal of this feature is to allow you to use human logic to aid in the engine's bidding algorithm. Our engine's bidding algorithms have certain constraints to prevent the engine from taking on "risk", meaning bidding higher or lower than we can statistically determine "safe". The goal of this feature is to allow our users to accept the risk on behalf of the engine and aggressively bid above or below the thresholds that constrain the engine. The engine will take the data from these experiments and train the algorithms for your specific account - using both the good and bad results. All the experiments can be adjusted on the dedicated Experiments tab, where you can change the bid, adjust the duration, or stop the experiment.

You can choose a fixed bid or a bid multiplier where it will be optimized for a set duration that you choose. During that time, you can analyze the impact of the change and its results within the original goal and in the Experiments tab. With the ad engine's continuous learning, it will take all the data collected during the experiment to further improve its machine learning and better optimize goals. 

Why use it:

  • Drive spend on keywords with no impressions but are deemed strategic

  • Reduce spend on poorly performing or “expensive” keywords that are not part of your strategy

  • Drive spend on well-performing keywords

  • Experiment with new keywords the Ad Engine is not spending on

How to make Bid Adjustments

  1. Click the goal.

  2. Click targets.

  3. 🔘 Select the target(s) that you want to apply a bid adjustment to. You are able to select more than one target at once.

  4. Click $.

  5. Select your bid adjustment type by using the drop down menu. The options are: fixed bid or bid multiplier.

    1. Use a fixed bid if you want to choose the exact bid price. The bid will be permanent for the chosen duration and Perpetua will not change it.

    2. Use a bid multiplier if you want a dynamic bid that will change over time. Perpetua will multiply the bid it calculates by the value you input.

  6. In the next box, input the bid price for a fixed bid, or enter in the multiplier percentage value if you chose a bid multiplier. For example, if you want Perpetua's ad engine to 2x (double) the bid it calculates, you will enter 200.

  7. In the last drop-down menu, select the duration. Always On means that this bid adjustment will never expire.

  8. Click Next. A new window will appear, displaying the approximate value of the bid after the adjustment has been applied. Click Adjust Bids to save your bid adjustment.

  9. You are done! 🎉 If the bid adjustment went through, you will receive a confirmation in the upper right corner of the screen.

How to edit bid adjustments

There are two ways to change your bid adjustment, change its duration, or stop it.

From the goal

  1. Click the goal.

  2. Click targets.

  3. Hover over the target with a bid adjustment to expose the 3 dots. In the bids column, you will see a multiplier or fixed bid displayed in purple font next to the bid price if there is a bid adjustment running for that target.

  4. Click the 3 dots to reveal a drop-down menu where you can select Edit Bid Adjustment or Stop Bid Adjustment.

  5. If you pick Stop Bid Adjustment, the fixed bid or bid multiplier will be removed right away. If you pick Edit Bid Adjustment, then the drop-down menu will appear above the targets and you can change the bid adjustment or duration from here.

  6. You are done! 🎉 If thechanges went through, you will receive a confirmation in the upper right corner of the screen.From Experiments

From Experiments

The second way to change/stop your bid adjustments is from Experiments on the menu. Here is where you will see the bid adjustments for all of your Sponsored Products goals.

  1. Go to Experiments on the menu.

  2. On the Bid adjustments page, hover over the target with a bid adjustment to expose the 3 dots.

  3. A drop-down menu will appear. From here, there are three selections:

    1. Click Edit to change the bid adjustment or duration.

    2. Click Restart if you want to start an expired bid adjustment again.

    3. Click Delete if you want to remove a bid adjustment.

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