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How Do I Increase Organic Rank for Certain Products and Measure Success?
How Do I Increase Organic Rank for Certain Products and Measure Success?
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If you have identified that certain products have higher profit margins than others or want to push for sustainable growth for specific products, follow these steps.

Method 1️⃣ - Custom Goals (Pseudo-ASIN Boost)

Isolate the ASIN from the current goal grouping and create a new classic goal (this will create 3 additional campaigns: auto, manual and PAT) OR if it's already isolated, create a custom goal (pseudo-ASIN boost).

Measure impact using Search Insights and actively monitor the ASIN that’s isolated.

Method 2️⃣ - DSP Advertising

DSP offers avenues to indirectly impact a product's organic rank within Amazon's ecosystem. While it's not a direct tool for manipulating organic rankings, strategic use of DSP campaigns can influence various factors that contribute to organic visibility and sales performance.

One key way DSP can contribute is by amplifying sales velocity. By running targeted campaigns, DSP can drive increased traffic and sales to product listings. Amazon's algorithm recognizes higher sales velocity as a sign of a popular and in-demand product, potentially boosting its organic ranking over time.

Moreover, DSP campaigns enhance product visibility within Amazon's vast marketplace. Increased visibility often translates to more clicks and potential organic traffic, as more customers become aware of and engage with the product.

Additionally, DSP's retargeting capabilities play a role in influencing organic sales. Re-engaging potential customers who previously showed interest in a product but didn't purchase can lead to increased conversions, contributing to overall sales volume and potentially affecting organic ranking.

While Amazon DSP doesn't directly manipulate organic rank, its strategic use can contribute to increased sales velocity, improved visibility, keyword relevance, and customer engagement, all of which collectively influence a product's organic performance.

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