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Understanding Perpetua's Campaign Toggle, Status, and Amazon Status Columns
Understanding Perpetua's Campaign Toggle, Status, and Amazon Status Columns

Reviewing the functionality of the Campaign Toggle and both statuses along with why discrepancies may exist between them

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The Campaign Toggle in Perpetua represents whether your campaign is Enabled or Paused. The toggle is completely controlled by user input, which means that you manually set it to ON or OFF.

The Status column signifies the current status of your campaign in Perpetua, whether it's Enabled or Paused, and is the status that Perpetua sends to Amazon. If your entire goal, the segment within the goal that contains the campaign, or campaign itself are paused, then the campaign's status will be Paused.

The Campaign Toggle and Status column can be different. For example, if you haven't manually paused the campaign using the toggle, but paused the goal it's a part of, the campaign toggle will be ON but the status will be Paused since the goal is paused. If there's a discrepancy between the toggle and the status, you can click on the status, which opens up a modal with more information on why this is the case.

The Amazon Status column is an optional column that can be manually added. The column will show the campaign's status as seen on Amazon.

If you notice that your Status and Amazon Status columns do not match up, there are a few potential reasons why the discrepancy exists:

1. You've made changes in Perpetua that have not yet been processed

It generally takes about 15 minutes for changes made in the app to be sent to Amazon, processed and applied by Amazon’s ad console API, and then sent back to us as the updated Amazon status. If after 2 hours of making a change to your campaign status on Perpetua the Amazon Status column still isn’t matching up, please reach out via Intercom and our Support team will investigate.

2. A campaign status change was made directly on the Amazon Ad Console

When a campaign is managed by Perpetua, any status changes you make to that campaign directly on the Amazon Ad Console will be overridden to match the input state you originally set on Perpetua. The Perpetua and Amazon statuses may be mismatched during this time until our ad engine is done sending the Perpetua state to the Ad Console. We recommend making changes in Perpetua app directly rather than on the Ad Console to avoid this scenario. See this article for more details.

3. Perpetua is experiencing delays due to high traffic or a bug

If it’s been more than 2 hours since you’ve changed the campaign status on Perpetua and the Amazon Status column still doesn’t match the Perpetua status, please reach out to our Support team on Intercom. There may be delays due to higher than normal traffic or a bug. If this is the case, our Engineering team will investigate.

Article last updated August 2023. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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