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How to use Perpetua's Walmart Dayparting feature to decrease or increase bids during certain times of the day to achieve your goals

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What is Walmart Dayparting?

Perpetua's Walmart Dayparting feature allows users to set scheduled changes to bids so that they are increased or decreased automatically for Walmart Sponsored Product goals.

This feature is designed because traffic volume on Walmart tends to change throughout the day, and advertisers may want to increase or decrease bids at a certain time to align with patterns in shopping behaviours. The following article will guide you through how to launch a Dayparting Schedule within Perpetua's console.

How to Use Walmart Dayparting & the hourly bid multipliers:

  1. Select the "Schedules" tab on the left-hand side of the console and then select "New Schedule" to launch a new dayparting schedule

2. Name your schedule as you see fit:

3. Hover over the time to expose the pencil icon.

4. Click the pencil icon to edit the bid multiplier % for the time of day you want a bid to be decreased or increased.

Note: by clicking on the left, right, etc icons, the value inserted will copy to all times/dates in the direction chosen. For example, if you insert a 150% value on Monday at 9 am, and click the down icon, every time proceeding 9 am will also have a 150% multiplier unless you edit otherwise.

5. Enter the bid multiplier percentage you want to apply. For example, if I want my bid to increase by 10%, I will input 110 which is equivalent to a 1.1x multiplier. ⚠️ Inputting 0% will pause the campaign.

6. Click confirm.

7. Repeat steps 4-7 for each scheduled bid change.

8. Click Save Changes once all the changes are made.

9. Click on the schedule. They will all be listed on the left side of the screen.

10. Click Apply to Goals.

11. Click on 🔽 next to the goal to expose the segments.

🔘 Select the segments that you want this schedule to be applied to. If you want the schedule to be applied to the entire goal, select the goal to mark off all the segments. You'll also see a toggle like in the screenshot below, that will allow you to override any existing bid adjustments that are applied to targets in that goal. If you want to keep the existing adjustment rather than apply the schedule, toggle this off.

12. Click apply when ready

13. Bid changes will be applied following the schedule for the goals you selected. You are done! 🎉 Below are a few pointers about the display.

  • In your schedule list, you can now see a flag showing the number of goals and bid multipliers applied to each schedule.

🚨 Important Note: The same segment cannot have two schedules applied simultaneously. If you apply a new schedule to a segment (that already has an existing schedule applied), then that new schedule will override the previous one. For example, if I edit the Dayparting Schedule Test schedule below to include a segment that is in Alice's Goal Schedule, then the scheduled change from Dayparting Schedule Test will take effect. I will then see 2 goals under Dayparting Schedule Test.

  • To see the goals that a schedule is applied to, click the schedule and then click the Applied to x Goals button. A pop-up will appear, and all of the segments in the goal will be marked off. 🔘

Article last updated December 2022. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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