BFCM Scheduled Changes 2022
Opt in to Perpetua’s BFCM strategy with just a few clicks to create your scheduled target ACoS and budget changes.
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Perpetua has released a new strategy allowing you to schedule changes for the BFCM period (aka T5 or Cyber 5). You have the option to follow our pre-filled schedule - based on the data from last year’s BFCM and this year’s other deal days, such as Prime Day and PEAS - or replace the existing dates and values with ones that suit your account needs.

An important note: Target ACoS and budget multipliers reference the values from the date strategies are created. For example, if your budget is $10 on the day you launch the strategy and you set a 200% multiplier, it will change to $20 on the specified date, regardless of any changes you make before the specified date. When the strategy ends, it will reset to the value from the date of strategy creation - in this case, $10.

How to Opt In to BFCM Scheduled Changes

  1. Click the Recommendations tab in the left menu and select the Strategies section at the top. (To access the page directly, click here).

  2. Under Scheduled Budget & ACoS Changes, click "Get Started" in the BFCM 2022 Sponsored Products Scheduled Changes box.

  3. Once on the screen, you will have to name your strategy. You then have the option to accept the pre-filled dates and values or input your own. You can change the pre-filled dates either by clicking on the X or clicking on the date and selecting a new date from the calendar pop-up.

    Note: You can select any date range as long as you set up the strategy more than 24 hours prior to the earliest date. For example, you can set your scheduled changes to start at 12 am PST on November 19th as long as you launch the strategy by November 17th.

    If you do not wish for the target ACoS and/or budget to change from the step before, leave that field blank.

    1. All values entered reference the target ACoS and budget from the date of strategy launch. For example:

      1. Starting Target ACoS: 40%

        Step 1: (blank) = 40%

        Step 2: 115% multiplier = 46%

        Step 3: 100% multiplier = 40%

        Step 4: 115% multiplier = 46%

        Step 5: 90% multiplier = 36%

      2. Starting Budget: $60

        Step 1: 125% multiplier = $75

        Step 2: 250% multiplier = $150

        Step 3: 150% multiplier = $90

        Step 4: 250% multiplier = $150

        Step 5: 100% multiplier = $60

  4. The final step is to select the goals that you want this schedule to be applied to. Note: You can create multiple strategies with a maximum of 50 goals per strategy.

  5. When you click on the "View Changes" button, you’ll see a recap of all the changes you’ve implemented, after which you can click on "Accept All" to launch the strategy.

How to View and Edit Your BFCM Scheduled Changes Opt-In Strategies

To view your existing strategies, click the Recommendations tab in the left menu and select the Strategies section at the top. (To access the page directly, click here).

To edit a strategy, delete the existing strategy and create a new one. To delete a strategy, click the 3 dots to reveal the drop-down menu, then click "delete".

Article last updated November 2022. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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