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Why Do I Need to Reconnect Selling Partner API
Why Do I Need to Reconnect Selling Partner API

How to resolve lost access to Amazon's Selling Partner API on Perpetua

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In an effort to increase security for sellers, Amazon implemented a new program called Developer Access Confirmation that requires sellers to confirm access to developers like Perpetua every 12 months (also known as re-authentication of the SP-API).

When access is not confirmed, you will likely see this at the bottom of your screen on Perpetua because the SPI-API will automatically disconnect.

This is nothing to be worried about. Recall that when setting up your account, you connected AAA and SP-API:

  • AAA (Amazon Advertising API) - provides us with access to advertising data & allows Perpetua to optimize campaigns (ie. launch campaigns, etc.)

  • SP-API (Selling Partner API) - provides us with total sales, inventory, ASIN and product data (ie. New ASINs, inventory levels)

A disconnected SP-API will not affect your campaigns because your ads should still be delivering as long as the AAA remains connected.

While we don't need the SP-API connection to keep your campaigns running, we do still need it to ensure we are populating data into Perpetua properly. You can resolve this issue by clicking on Reconnect Selling Partner (button in the red box shown above).

Article last updated September 2023. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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