Getting Started with Sponsored Display Goals

What are Sponsored Display Ads and what type of Sponsored Display goals can you run in Perpetua?

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Sponsored Display Ads

Sponsored Display Ads are a great way to engage and reengage with relevant audiences on and off the Amazon platform.

Sponsored Display ads can be useful to:

  1. Drive discovery

  2. Target specific audiences

  3. Reach your advertising goals

  4. Engage with new audiences

  5. Reengage with audiences who previously viewed or purchased from your brand

Location of Sponsored Display Ads

Sponsored Display ads use a CPC pricing model. They can appear on or off Amazon.

On Amazon, Sponsored Display ads appear in different locations as banner ads, or on the product details page.

Within Perpetua, Sponsored Display ads show up on the Product Detail Page and can be found under the description on your product details page.

Sponsored Display Targetting

There are two targeting types available for Sponsored Display ads: Product Targeting and Product Remarketing.

  1. Product targeting Sponsored Display campaigns appear on the product detail page to target specific ASINs and categories. This is a good way to defend your brand while driving further discovery and sales.

  2. Product Remarketing (also called views retargeting) Sponsored Display campaigns target shoppers (audiences) who have viewed your products or similar products but did not make a purchase. This is a good way to help secure a missed sale opportunity and pursue brand loyalty.

Within each targeting type on Perpetua you can also select from different segment types:

You can read more on Sponsored Display goal segments in the article How do I launch a Sponsored Display Goal.

Custom Creatives

Perpetua currently cannot support the creation of Customer Creatives for Sponsored Display Goals. If you wish to launch a Custom Creative you can do so on the Amazon ad console and Perpetua will not interfere with the campaign.

More Sponsored Display Strategies

To learn more on how to optimize Sponsored Display Ads with Perpetua. Check out our Growth 101 video on Intro to Sponsored Display below.

Article last updated June 2022. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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