What does Removing an account mean?

When should you Remove an account?

What does Canceling your account mean?

When should you Cancel your account?

What does Pausing your account mean?

When should you Pause your account?

What does Removing an account mean?

When you remove a Perpetua account, it will remove the account from your account list. Removing will not delete any of your accounts or personal data, but instead, it will remove the user from the account profile so that the account will no longer be listed and displayed on your Perpetua dashboard.

The account must be canceled before Perpetua can remove it from your profile thus the goals will be deleted from the account.

When should you Remove an account?

  1. If you accidentally created a duplicate account.

  2. If you are an agency and you manage multiple accounts, but one or more of your customers are leaving the agency. The account must be canceled first.

    In both instances, you can request to have an account removed by emailing hello@perpetua.io with the name and email of the account you wish to remove.

What does Canceling your Perpetua account mean?

When you cancel your Perpetua account, you, and any other team members that are currently subscribed to the account, will immediately be blocked from accessing these accounts.

Canceling your account will stop the Perpetua ad engine from rebalancing campaigns, delete all of your goals, and stop the billing on this account. If applicable, you may still be billed any outstanding metered billing charges such as % of ad spend. We do not provide refunds for previously paid services.

On the Seller Central, your bids and budgets will be reset to their default values.

When should you Cancel an account?

  1. If you no longer want Perpetua to manage your advertising campaigns.

    Learn how to cancel your Perpetua account here.

What does Pausing your Perpetua account mean?

There is no way to temporarily put your account on pause at Perpetua.
You have the option to pause all of your goals on your account to prevent spend, but you will still be charged your basic platform fees each month.

When should you Pause an account?

  1. If you are thinking about pausing your account, reach out and speak with your Data Strategist/E-commerce Associate. They will be happy to discuss your reason for wanting to temporarily hold your account and see how we can help you better.

Article last updated [February 9th, 2022]. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact hello@perpetua.io.

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