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How do I delete/cancel my account?
How do I delete/cancel my account?

Describes how to delete/cancel your Perpetua user account and/or advertising account.

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If you no longer want the Perpetua software to manage your sponsored ads, you can contact support via chat or by emailing If you have a data strategist, you can contact them directly for the cancellation.

Either method you choose, you will be directed to billing link to request cancellation.

Once you're on this page, you can click on Yes, I'm sure to submit your cancellation request.

At the time of cancellation, you may be billed for any outstanding metered billing charges (% of ad spend only for plans that are on a % of ad spend subscription) after which point you will not be billed again unless you decide to re-subscribe in the future. We do not provide refunds for previously paid services. This is outlined in our terms of service here.

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