Here's a quick guide on how to navigate our app to view and download Perpetua invoices and receipts along with a short invoice breakdown.

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Step-by-Step Guide on How to View Invoices and Download Receipts

Step 1

Click on your Account Name. In the pop over, you will see a gear icon next to your account name. Click on the icon to open up your Settings page.

Step 2

In your Settings page, click into the Billing tab. You will see details about your current billing plan, payment methods, and Invoice History.

Step 3

Under your Invoice History you will see the Invoice column. Go ahead and click on the pop-out window icon for the month you are trying to view. A new window is opened.

Step 4

In your new window, you'll have options to Download invoice and Download receipt both as PDF files.

Invoice Breakdown

If you're in a pro or enterprise plan and want to see a breakdown of ad spend by account and any additional fees, go back into your Settings and click the download button under the Breakdown column of your Invoice History. This will give you access to your Excel CSV file.

Once all invoices, receipts, and Excel CSV files are downloaded, make sure to save these files in discoverable folder on your desktop and/or other devices!

Article last updated January 2022. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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