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What Are The Fees I See On My Perpetua Invoice?
What Are The Fees I See On My Perpetua Invoice?

Explaining Price Plan changes, % Ad spend fees and Keyword Intelligence fees on your monthly bill.

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What Are The Price Plans At Perpetua?

At Perpetua, there are four price plan packages available.

When you first open an account with us an Account Executive will sit down with you to discuss the plan best suited to your business' growth.

Pricing Tier

Ad Spend

#of Marketplaces

Pricing Plan


Up to 5k




Up to 10k




Up to 200k

unlimited marketplace access


+ % ad spend


Over 200k

unlimited marketplace access


Your platform fee is determined by the amount of ad spend, as well as by the number of marketplaces, that you are using to optimize your ads.

🚨Note: In cases where your monthly ad spend or the number of marketplaces exceeds the spend or assigned marketplaces dedicated to your assigned price plan, your platform fee will be bumped to the next applicable plan.🚨

What Is The % Ad Spend Fee And How Is It Calculated?

1️⃣ What is the % Ad Spend Fee?

The % Ad Spend Fee is an additional fee charged on accounts that generate over 10k in their Perpetua-managed campaigns within a month.

This fee is calculated separately and then added to the account's invoice.

2️⃣ How is the % Ad Spend Fee calculated?

The % Ad Spend Fee is a percentage of your Perpetua-managed campaigns for that month as discussed with your Account Executive.

For example:

  • You are on a Growth Plan and your platform fee is $550.

  • However, for the past few months, you have been generating more than 10k in Perpetua-managed ad spend across your accounts.

  • You will be billed your platform fee of $550 plus an additional % of whatever the Perpetua managed ad spend is for that month.

Article last updated January 2024. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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