Perpetua Bid Multipliers for Walmart

What are Bid Multipliers on Walmart and how do I apply them to my campaigns?

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In this guide, we'll run through:

What are Bid Multipliers

Both automatic campaign and manual campaign have the option to utilize a bid multiplier. These multipliers allow the bids for specific prime placements and platforms to be increased by a % that is set by the advertiser. Perpetua currently only offers placement multipliers and not platform multipliers.

Placement Multipliers

There are a number of placements available on Walmart - however, certain placement multipliers are restricted to only auto campaigns and not manual campaigns. Please refer to the graph below to see which placements you are able to set a multiplier on:

Where can I set a Placement Multiplier on Perpetua?

  1. Click into a Walmart Goal

2. Click on the "Campaigns Tab"

3. Click on the drop down arrow to reveal all the placements for each campaign

4. Hover over the placement that you would like to set a placement on and a pencil button will appear

5. Set a placement multiplier on the placement that you would like. Please set the placement as a percent amount. Ex. if you would like to multiply your bid by 50%, type in 50 in the box and click confirm when you are ready.

Note: we recommend starting with a 20% multiplier, and monitor performance before increasing again.

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