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Perpetua Suggested Keywords for Walmart

What are Walmart suggested keywords in Perpetua and how do I use them?

Written by Claire Lee
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In this guide, we'll run through:

What are Walmart Suggested Keywords in Perpetua?

The suggested keywords feature in Perpetua's Walmart dashboard is a continuously updated list of keywords that Perpetua's ad engine recommends users to manually add to their Walmart goals, based on all time performance of those search terms. Typically, this is highly based on the number of conversions a Walmart search term has received.

Note: These keyword suggestions are NOT based on Walmart's Keyword Analytics tool. This tool is integrated through our Keywords Ideas feature.

Where can I find Walmart Suggested Keywords in my dashboard?

Walmart suggested keywords are located within a Walmart goal, underneath the "Keywords" tab.

  1. Go to your Walmart tab in Perpetua.

2. Click into a Walmart goal.

3. Scroll down and click into the "Keywords" tab. Just below the table's column headers, you should see the "Suggested Keywords" feature. To access it, click on "View All" on the right side.

What if I don't see the Suggested Keywords feature under my "Keywords" tab?

If you don't see the Suggested Keywords feature under your goal's "Keywords" tab, it is because you have not turned off automated harvesting on the goal. Suggested keywords will only appear once you've turned off automated harvesting on the goal because it's only relevant when auto harvesting is off (since our ad engine will NOT be automatically adding keywords on your behalf).

Suggested keywords then allows you to see the keywords our ad engine WOULD'VE harvested if you still had auto harvesting turned on, and gives you the option to add them if you wish. Allowing you to be more granular and specific with the keywords you're bidding on within your manual campaigns.

4. On the Suggested Keywords modal, you'll see a list of all the search terms Perpetua recommends adding as keywords to your goal based on all-time performance. It will show you the number of conversions that the search term has received throughout the lifetime of this goal, as well as the current ROAS.

Note: We will only suggest adding EXACT match keywords within this feature. This allows us to be very specific with the search term we are going after.

Additionally, the default bid that will be applied to your keyword is $1 (USD). You can change this bid by entering a value of your choice under the "Bids" columns for that keyword.

5. To add the keywords into your goal, there are a few different ways to do so:

  • You can click the checkmark beside each individual keyword.

  • You can add all keywords in the suggested keywords list by clicking the "Approve All" button at the top right corner.

  • You can select multiple keywords by selecting the circles on the left-hand side of each keyword and then clicking "Approve # Selected" button at the top right corner.

6. You can also remove individual keyword recommendations by clicking on the "X" beside the suggested keyword(s). This allows you to tidy up the list for future keyword recommendations!

7. Once your keywords get added successfully, you'll get a notification message at the top right corner of your dashboard confirming the addition! Woohoo! 🎉

Article last updated November 15, 2021. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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