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Where can I access my Perpetua Campaigns data on Walmart?
Where can I access my Perpetua Campaigns data on Walmart?

Where am I able to find my advertising from Perpetua on the Walmart console?

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In this guide, we'll run through:

How can I access my Perpetua campaigns on Walmart's Advertiser console?

This account can be accessed through a customers existing Walmart advertising Account

  1. Log into your account via the same login that you use for your existing Walmart advertising

  2. Click on the top right hand corner on to your brand name

  3. A drop down menu should appear that shows their brand name (1P/3P - API) - this is their Perpetua API Advertising Account

What can I do on this Account

This is by default a READ ONLY account. Please contact your account admin and discuss with your DS on the steps to get added to the account with write access and make changes.

You Cannot:

  • Edit or launch campaigns

  • Create custom rules

  • Pause/unpause goals

You can

  • Pull reports

  • Check campaign level data

  • Use custom reports beta

  • Use Keyword Analytics

  • See bids for keywords and items

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