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What is Perpetua's "Keyword Ideas" Tool and how do I use it to discover new keywords to add to my goals?

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In this guide, we'll run through:

Due to Walmart organic rank hurdles, identifying which keywords are eligible for advertising and will provide some sort of return on your investment is very crucial.

Not to worry - Perpetua has your back! We have a built a very easy to use tool that will aid you in identifying your strategic keywords without any hassle.

What is the Keyword Ideas tool?

Perpetua's keyword Ideas tool mirrors the Keyword Analytics Tool found on Walmart's self-serve platform. You can use it to look up search traffic and terms associated with your item(s). These terms will give you a better understanding of which keywords have high potential for eligibility and ROI on

The tool appears as such within the platform:

When you click into the drop down for each keyword you are able to measure:

Keyword Frequency Rating (Traffic Keyword Frequency) - The frequency that the raw query was searched for by customers

Relevancy Rating (Item Keyword Frequency) - The frequency that the item shows up when customers searched for the raw query

As a reference:

  • High/High Keywords: have high potential and are likely eligible for advertising (be sure to add to goal)

  • Medium/High: have decent potential, may be eligible for advertising (add to goal)

  • Low/Medium, Low/Low: limited potential (do not add to goal yet)

How to Add Keywords to Goal

This video will walk you through exactly how to add keywords to your goal via our keyword Ideas tool:

How Can I Access Keyword Ideas

You can access the keyword ideas tool in two ways:

Goal Launch

  1. Click onto "add keywords"

2. The keyword ideas tab will appear and may add the keywords of your choice

Post Launch

  1. Click into the goal you'd like to add keywords to

2. Go to the "Keywords" tab

3. Click the "+" button at the right corner of the Keywords list table and click "Add Targets"

4. The keywords tool will appear here and you may add the keywords of your choice

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