What Factors Determine my Ad Placements
What factors on Walmart affect the placement of my ads
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Cost Per Click (CPC)

It is important to consider whether your bids are high enough! Luckily Perpetua's bid shading algorithm helps with that.

Note: As Walmart is a first priced auction, Your bid = Your CPC


How relevant is your product to what the customer is currently looking at?

Having a well researched and descriptive product title is definitely one of the most effective ways to grow both your Organic Rank as well as your relevance on Walmart.com.

Your product's title will aid Walmart's algorithm to identify keywords that are most relevant to your product and match those to what users are searching. Majority of the time, if a user were to search a specific search term, the top placements are those that include that word in their descriptive product titles.

User Reviews

In order for customers to trust your product enough to want to purchase it, there must be some sort credible reviews. Not only must there be a good amount of reviews, they must also have a large number of high rated reviews (4-5 stars).

If you are struggling to acquire your reviews organically, use third party review sites such as BizzareVoice.


Walmart offers a TwoDay delivery option that guarantees free nationwide delivery in two days without a minimum basket amount or monthly fee.

There are two main ways to get 2 Day guaranteed delivery:

  1. You must be a Walmart Marketplace seller for more than 90 days or have fulfilled more than 100 orders through Walmart.com and additionally,

    • Meet the following performance standards for the last 30 days (20 orders within the last 7 days):

      • On-time shipping >95%

      • On-time delivery >95%

      • Valid tracking rate >95%

      • Cancellations rate >1.5%

  2. Use a third party fulfilment service whom have their own standards and requirements such as Deliverr

Note: It is important to do your research on fulfilment partners that are trusted and have previous Walmart fulfilment experience.

Article last updated October 13, 2021. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact hello@perpetua.io.

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