Walmart Campaigns Types

What are the Walmart campaign types and best practices for each type. These campaigns are launched in Perpetua as goals.

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This guide will take you through: offers two different campaign types: automatic and manual. Auto campaigns will uncover valuable insights with larger exposure and manual will allow for greater control over the bids of your keywords. In each goal launched on Perpetua, we will be launching both campaign types for you 🚀

Overview of differences in campaign types:


  • Walmart will decide when/where to display ads based on automatic relevancy

  • Bids are set at the item-level - meaning that must set an individual bid for each product in your campaign

  • You have the ability to set placement multipliers, but not turn off any placements


  • Keywords added into manual campaigns are matched to search queries from shoppers on the

  • There are three match types available; exact, phrase and broad

  • Bids are set at the keyword-level; you must set a bid for each keyword and each match type

  • You have the ability to turn off/ on placements, and set placement multipliers

Campaign Best Practices:


This is a content-driven campaign where Walmart will decide when to display your ad based on keywords identified from your product title, description, and other sections of your product detail page on top of the product category and related products.

Best Practices:

  • Perpetua will run auto campaigns simultaneously to manual campaigns to continue to grow organic rank for relevant keywords and to harvest new strategic keywords

Note: auto campaigns will inevitably target some keywords that may not be very relevant to your product, ensure that you are setting an item level bid that is not significantly high to avoid wasted spend on irrelevant keywords.


Once you have a better understanding of well performing keywords, manual campaigns give you greater control and transparency as they allow you to select and target specific keywords of your choice.

Best Practices:

  • Perpetua will auto harvest relevant keywords into your manual campaign, ensure that you are tracking the bids of these keywords

  • Manual campaigns can only bid on singular terms, with the Walmart system extending that to plurals (ex. "tennis shoe" is a biddable terms and your campaign will also deliver on "tennis shoes")

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